Wednesday, 13 January 2021

January ... ing

Well hello January! Until today, weather conditions in Glasgow have been glorious, crisp, bitterly cold and dry. I like this very much. I am quite glad for once to have a well cushioned frame, the treacherous pavements feel less hard on the bones with a bit of soft padding. Today we are back to normal blustery wet winter weather, such shame.

Walking - as much as possible. My physiotherapist says I can start running again so this is on my list of things to do soon. 

Cooking risotto with cavolo Nero and roast butternut squash. It was not a winning combination but not too bad either. We try not to waste food and every now and then, ingredients are thrown together that might be better on their own. 

Enjoying the tofu dishes Annie has been cooking. All our main meals are vegan at the moment, at Annie's request, she is committed to a full month of vegan eating. The rest of us continue to eat eggs and dairy and the odd slice of ham. I am ok with that. 

Working again. After just a few days, I am already waking up in the night, worrying. 

Stitching blocks of my Lucys Terrace quilt together. I am removing most of the papers as I go along. Each paper gets a quick steam iron and is packed away for future projects. 

Sorting through my two boxes of fat quarters and fabric strips. It is therapeutic and creative at once and slowly, ideas for a new quilt form in my head. 

Ordering grass green wool to knit a hat. My heart has been calling out for something bright green in my life. Also sneaking in two skeins of sock wool for more pairs of socks. I gifted a pair to a good friend and her daughter fancies a pair, too. I like making things with a purpose. 

Settling-in for a period of home schooling. It is not enjoyable. We have technology under control now (mostly) but motivation is not high. Mostly mine.

Feeling grateful for an NHS that continues to run screening programmes such as cervical screening and bowel cancer screening. I finally sent my poop sample, all clear. I thought the illustrated instructions to collect the sample were on the realistic side for early morning sample collection.

Supplying plenty of bird food for our garden visitors. I ordered seeds and fat balls in bulk to save costs. The house sparrows are particularly abundant this winter. I noticed a pair of gold crests the other day, such pretty little birds. We have fewer bird visitors now, probably because the whole neighbourhood has bird feeders up now. Birdwatching is fun!

Listening to a new to me crime series by Lin Anderson. It is set in Glasgow, which I like. I wasn't initially that keen but the first two books are short and I got into the grove. Lin Anderson's writing matures as the series progresses. 

Muddling through the days. Like everybody else I guess

Thank you for visiting me today. I am much behind with reading blogs that I love, I am sorry. Too much screen-time at work just now and my eyes are tired by the evening. Instead, I sew a little and listen to an audiobook. 


  1. I don't think I have mentioned it before, but you take some nice photos.

  2. A bright green hat sounds fantastic. Definitely something cheery.and oh boy do we need that now!!Take care x

  3. I love these posts 😀 About to start PT for my knee. Hope it helps and I can get back to full out yoga.

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  5. Good news about your poop test :). Love the snowy pictures and Jack. I’m very envious. Good luck with the homeschooling and work in general. Looking forward to seeing the patchwork and green hat. B x

  6. HI there Christina, hang in there. we are home schooling too which you would think would be easy for an out of work teacher but I am their mum too and that adds a little spice to the proceedings. Hope you can run soon. Jo xx

  7. Glad to know all is well with the bowel, a great test out of the way. My heart goes out to you juggling work with home schooling, I know my own daughters are struggling with the constant juggling of tasks needed to be done. Glad you are able to relax with some gentle crafting.

  8. Your little fur kid sure is cute. You're lucky to have a nice snow, we have not seen one flake so far. I'm glad you are all hanging in there.. I guess we'll all still have months yet to go before anything begins to return to some sort of new normal. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Yes, muddling through it all here too. Wondering if it is possible to stop boys playing computer games on their laptops during lessons. Sigh. It does look chilly with you. It's a balmy 10 degrees here so we're all about the mud. Well done Annie for the vegan month and the tofu dishes. Tofu is one thing that all of mine really enjoy. Usually there is one person who objects to a thing. Sorry work is all stressful again. I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment too, to tell the truth, but on the other hand very glad to have it. Hope you have a good weekend and a bit of a break from it. CJ xx

  10. Love the idea of a grass green hat. I took a shortcut and ordered a new woolly hat online. Just need to shrink my head to the size of a pingpong ball. Well done to Annie and good to hear all of you enjoying the vegan dishes. Stay safe! Stay upright!

  11. Your post brings back memories of when I was younger and my 5 children were in school. Our schedules were crazy back then between school, sports, appointments, work. Not quite sure how I managed it all! Now I am retired and have only my oldest living with me which is a great help. I probably couldn't stay in my home without him!
    Time flies by so treasure your busy days!

  12. Jack has certainly stolen the photos in this post, Christina, and he looks to be enjoy-ing that snowfall. I am very envious as living in New England we have only had rain and no snow even in sight :-( yeah to walking a lot which is one of my favorite activities these days, especially outdoors and mask-less in people-less environments. As for muddling it's what so many are doing now. I am also listening to quite a few audiobooks as well vs. podcasts these days. As for blog reading and commenting, I too fall behind and don't have home-schooling or working as my "excuses." There are so many great fellow bloggers who blog daily and rather than keep up, I try to set aside one afternoon a week to catch up with recent posts.

  13. Jack is so thrilled with the weather and the walks! January sounds wonderful, with a bit of reality like colon screenings and online school. stay safe.


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