Sunday, 28 February 2021

a perfectly ordinary week

It seems like a long time since I shared news here. There aren't any, just normal pandemic life. 

Annie went back to school this week. Only senior pupils with practical subject returned for now, and only for a half day per subject. I am not sure she really loved it. She did her Covid lateral flow test,  ironed her school shirt with little enthusiasm and trudged off at 8:45 am with even less enthusiasm. James and Alistair did well this week with their home learning. Both were nominated for hot chocolate Friday for outstanding French work. This nomination is probably a reflection of poor engagement with home learning in the school community rather than a hidden talent for French but we take it! 

The hot chocolate ingredients (including marshmallows) were delivered to the door by the head teacher herself. I opened the door expecting an Amazon delivery but found a well turned out woman in high heels on my front steps. Even her mask looked professional. I had just waxed my lady beard and moustache and my face was raw and red... I was wearing fluffy socks over pink tights, a dress caked with an unknown substance and my hair hadn't seen a brush all day. The poor woman probably had nightmares after meeting me. 

I have a guilty little secret. I started watching Lauren Guthrie's Instagram live session on a Friday evening. This is Lauren from Guthrie & Ghani, a fabric shop that I really (really) love. I may never set foot in the shop, it is in Birmingham, which at the moment might as well be on a different planet. I do order most of my garment fabric from G&G, the service is outstanding and the quality of the fabric is always superb. Anyway, the live session is fun, a bit like going shopping with a knowledgeable friend. No doubt this new habit is a good indicator of the level of boredom in my life. Funny thing that, I still find time to be bored. 

I just finished listening to a new book, it had me captivated and in tears more than once. I am not a tearful reader and I was a bit surprised by my strong emotional response. The books is "The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot" by Marianne Cronin. Oh how much I wanted Lenni to live! I didn't know the story was set in Glasgow, and this was a nice surprise. 

I started working on Annie's leaving quilt. It took a while to gather together the fabrics. She chose fabrics from my fat quarter stash but I didn't quite have enough of most. I must have ordered from five different shops to find some of those ancient fabric lines.  Had I read the pattern rather than just looking at the picture, I could have probably squeezed out all the blocks from what I had. Alas, I did not. I cut all the background fabric and some of the coloured fabrics. 

I also patiently taped together a pdf pattern for a linen dress. I rather like taping paper patterns together, indeed much prefer it over tracing from a traditional paper pattern. Delicate pattern paper makes me nervous. I measured myself and discovered that I put some weight on. Not good but entirely self inflicted by not showing any restraint when faced with Annie's excellent baked goods. Did I mention the jam doughnuts she mad a couple of weeks ago? I must address that lack of self control, and soon. 

I am really happy that spring is on its way. There is that special spring scent in the air, a scent promising warmer days and BBQs. It is astonishing how quickly the days lengthen all of a sudden. 

Do you have any exciting plans for next week? I have a vaccine trial appointment, a pinnacle of excitement. Apart from this, it is the usual work-eat-sleep routine that has become so familiar.  Thanks for visiting. 


  1. I checked to see where Guthrie and Ghani are in Birmingham and they are literaly a few miles away. They do have lovely fabrics don't they.
    I am just not getting on any scales any time soon as I know they will be shouting ouch!!
    Nothing exciting planned here but you never know.

  2. The doughnuts look amazing, lucky you. Spring really was in the air this weekend. I did some garden tidying, including sticking terracotta pots back together. Nothing exciting, but good to get it done. CJ xx

  3. I am glad that you didn’t mention the donuts until the end because I am practically salivating like a dog.

  4. Spring is here already. I just noticed it today, when I saw light green new leaves on the oak tree in the backyard. It’s amazing how fast time flies.

  5. I don’t really sew any more, but seeing those pretty fabrics all lined up, make me want to head to a fabric store and pick out a yard or two.

  6. Your description of your visitor and your outfit had me in stitches! The leaving blanket is so nice but sad too.. your daughter seems like such a treasure and how will you manage without her? Where will she be going and how far away? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. School starts again here next week and I am more than ready :)
    Those doughnuts look amazing. X

  8. Yummy...those doughnuts. I have put on a few pounds too, I am hoping that once the lockdown is over and the weather picks up it will miraculously disappear as we start to walk more. I know I am kidding myself but you never know. Love the fabrics, what a joy to see them all lined up. Take care.

  9. Just saw this new post, Christina, and figured I would comment before the March-ing one. It's amazing that many of us are leading more-or-less "normal" lives in what has come to be our "norm" now. I don't think it has made us complacent, at least I hope not. Yes, we have "exciting" plans upcoming next week and have booked another getaway staying in NH. Details to follow afterwards in a post. The donuts look delicious as you have attested they were. Nice of the head teacher to deliver the hot cocoa and marshmallows too! Our snow has rapidly been depleted by weekend rain and warmer temps, but longer days give hope to spring coming.

  10. This made me laugh- as a high school French teacher we will take any engagement we can get at the moment! I hope your kids enjoyed their hot chocolate!

  11. Bike riding in the sunshine is exciting. The last few days have been gorgeous. I know what you mean about baked goods. I had to give them up, they make my joints ache. I am stacking two cords of firewood, which should take me a few days, at least.

  12. It sounds like you are finding many wonderful ways to deal with boredom. I too am looking forward to longer, warmer days. I've been outside more in the last week than all winter put together and it feels so good. Having the new puppy to frolic in the yard with is good for both of us. I can not believe how much love I have felt from my silly two dogs, they have been a blessing. As women I think we have a need to care for someone and caring for them has given me a reason to want to get out of bed each morning.
    Enough about that, I always enjoy visiting your blog and the lovely photos you post. You have a way of turning everyday life into a charming event :)
    God bless you sweet friend.
    Connie :)

  13. Those doughnuts look amazing - how much better when you haven't had the faff of making them yourself. I am so in love with your dog - he looks such a cutie and is really photogenic!

  14. I don't know how it happened, but I somehow lost my link to your blog back in 2016, and what a joyous afternoon I have had reading all your posts (in reverse order) from this one to January 2020! (I'll get to the rest that I have missed, promise)

    You've read or listened to so many of the books that I have loved (and I have bought two today on your recommendation)

    I am not so accomplished as you at sewing, I tend to make very simple things, but I crochet and have recently gone back to knitting. I'm a big fan of Drops yarn too... the main thing that I don't have in common with you is running, oh and, in real life, I'm not very good at dogs, though I love hearing about yours!

    Anyway just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your posts... I am back to being a regular reader now

  15. Sometimes and ordinary week or even a few hours is such a blessing. Hot chocolate awards, even half a day back to school. It seems like gradually we are inching forward to a life we once took for granted. Stay safe my friend, order fabric, treat yourself to live posts of fabric and yarn, and take care of yourself.

  16. hahaha.. still laughing at the description of your meeting with the teacher.
    We are ready for spring.. we have been noticing buds on tree and the greens of our daffodils are starting to pop out..


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