Saturday, 13 February 2021


Almost mid February! I like February as a month, it is short, there are signs of spring popping up all around us and we don't have to pay council tax. 

Counting the flower stems on my Coelogyne orchid. There are six. This is my favourite orchid in my collection of many. The flowers are pretty and have a sweet fragrance that signals spring. It is an orchid that likes cool temperatures (it hails from the Himalayan region) and it thrives on neglect.

Building a snow man with Alistair (homework). James had to build one, too, but he didn't want any help. He built his under the bird feeders and now the birds are terrified. Two great snow people though, both with school ties. 

Walking not running. The pavements in wintery Glasgow are not cleared nor are they treated.

Cursing the acne on my face. Sadly, the treatments available now are the same that were available when I was 16 and they are still not great. 

Writing many words. After two years of procrastination, I finished a first draft application for a professional recognition that I urgently need to progress my career. 

Worrying about the continuation of my job. My contract is up for renewal again. There is never a guarantee, even with funding in place. Such is the life of an academic without tenure. 

Loving daffodils. These are such cheerful beautiful spring flowers, and such good value, too. Maybe too cheap, considering that daffodils are harvested by hand in the UK. I was surprised to read that but there you go. I have a bunch of on my desk because I spend a lot of time there

Eating a most delicious butternut squash chilli, made by Annie. 

Baking a Zopf, a traditional Swiss Sunday bread. It is an enriched bread, butter and milk make it most silky and soft. 

Shopping at the greengrocers. It is not exactly local but I had a physiotherapy appointment, which was just 5 minutes up the road. I bought three quince to make a dessert this weekend. I miss having a local greengrocer. 

Reading The Human Son by Adrian J. Walker. Science fiction of the most enjoyable kind. 

Sewing a stretchy black dress. It is a cursed project. I need more fabric because I didn't order enough and only noticed once I started sewing (I hadn't cut all the pieces, unbelievable). The fabric is on backorder, the dress on the back burner. Sewing a plain white t-shirt instead.

Knitting more socks. I am using a self-striping yarn with long colour repeats. I am not a fan of self-striping yarn but forgot momentarily when I saw the beautiful skein of various shades of pink. 

Waiting for spring. 

Saying hello to the hardy Highland cattle in our local woods. Gorgeous creatures, I never tire of seeing them when out walking.

Feeling thankful for all your comments. Welcome to my corner of the internet, it is lovely to meet you all, new and old friends and followers. It is a bit one-way at the moment and I not commenting as much on your blogs as I would like to. I am still here, still enjoying your posts. 

Logging off for the day. Thanks for visiting. Have a lovely weekend. 


  1. Your wintry photographs are beautiful and that snowman is just fabulous. I expect you had a lot of fun building it. X

  2. Well done on the writing, hope it gets you the accreditation you deserve and fingers crossed for a permanent contract. Love your cattle and the daffodils of course. I’m off to google that bread, it sounds delicious. We are lucky to have a farm shop nearby for plentiful fruit and veg. Much needed at the moment. Have a good week. B x

  3. I’m having a quiet Sunday catching up and it’s always lovely to hear your news. I hope your contract will be renewed. Your bread looks amazing!

  4. Your February sounds like a many small hopeful things getting you closer to spring. Daffodils are such a sure sign it is coming.

  5. Always enjoy your "ing" posts Christina, not only the text but the accompanying photos. That first one of the Highland cattle was a great one and who wouldn't like seeing them when out walking, which isn't happening here! The snowman looked very festive with his pail top hat and necktie. Walking is always best on icy and snow-covered walkways and we have those as well in Nashua, NH, now. The daffodils do give hope for spring and warmer temps to come. The bread looks delicious even in a photo and butternut squash chili is something I may try as it's my favorite winter squash. Hope all goes well with the contract renewal, fingers crossed for you.

  6. Lovely snowy photos, and yummy looking bread.

  7. Sounds like you have had a beautiful February so far. Stay safe.

  8. Your highland cattle are so distinctive.
    Daffodils are the harbingers of spring for me. We won't see any in ground for some time yet.

  9. No council tax in February, now that is a definate plus.
    Highland cattle, you are so lucky to have these beautiful creatures so close to you.
    I do hope everything works out ok for your contract too. Take care x

  10. That Highland cow/steer/? is gorgeous! We have a few here but they are rare. We have daffodils but they are buried in snow right now. Good luck on your contract, I'm sure they value you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Ohh, Highland coos are my very favourite! What a fantastic photo! And you have so much snow ... I need to move to Glasgow! I hope you get your writing done; I'm absolutely with you in the procrastination over things like your academic paper, although usually once you get past the first half hour of sitting and MAKING yourself write it, it's not so bad! xx

  12. Zopf...I will have to google it. It looks just delicious, and I love how it's braided. Your photos are exquisite. I hope that your position continues and that you don't have to stress...

  13. Beautiful photos, what a handsome beast the Highland cow is, and your dog is very cute. I'm buying lots of daffodils at the moment, they are such a cheery site on gloomy days.

  14. Oh what a pain - running out of fabric like that. Here's hoping you can secure your contract. I finished my job before Christmas because working in school was just not great during covid: so many contradictory expectations. I am concentrating on our small holding instead. Feels good. Jo x

  15. Not running t the moment is probably a good thing I have nearly gone over a few times recently just walking and yesterday that was due to thick mud in the woods! I made my way up a bank with aid of branches. The butternut squash chilli sound delicious, take care. x

  16. Sorry to read you have job worries hope your contract is renewed. A friend of mine uses charcoal soap to deal with her acne, sharing in case it’s something you’ve never tried. Your photos are always interesting you certainly have a creative flare, best wishes San 🙂

  17. A plant thriving on neglect is my kind of plant.
    Ugh.. I hope your job situation resolves itself.
    Great snowman.. poor birds. My boys never have enough patience to actually complete a snowman.

  18. I hope you receive good news on the jobs front. Pics are lovely, thank you. I found you through Winwick Mum.


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