Sunday, 28 March 2021

a bit of this and a bit of that (nothing of note)

Another Sunday. It is a wet and windy day and I only left the house to go for my walk-run this morning. I took my new running shoes out for a first spin, it was like floating on clouds. I am retiring my old runners from their running duty. I'll continue to walk them until they are falling to bits (the process is well underway). 

I am a bit tired. Jack kept waking us up. He insisted there was a mouse in the house, brought in by one of the cats. He was making a lot of noise trying to find the mouse. He takes his job as the designated mouse exterminator very seriously. He didn't find the mouse. I did however, when Jack was out on his walk. I watched it scurry up the stairs and hide under the chest on our upper landing. By the time Jack returned, it was gone. Mice are really rather cute but I prefer them outside. I hope it found a way out.

I am booked in for my cross-over injections as part of the Covid vaccine trial I am participating in. All UK participants have been offered this. It essentially means that if I was given the placebo in November, I will now receive the actual vaccine, or the other way round. This will still be fully blinded and I will continue my regular clinic visits until the trial is completed. It is the Novavax vaccine, in case this is of interest to anyone. Efficacy has been reported as 89%, including against some of the more worrying variants, so I have nothing to lose by participating. I will be fully vaccinated by the end of April. Just in time for my birthday, what better present could I ask for? 

I have also received my NHS vaccine invite but I'll decline this as I have decided to continue with the Novavax trial. It is a small gesture of thank you for the many outstanding scientists out there working around the clock to protect us.

In other news, I have made a second sweatshirt. I used a different pattern this time, the Billie sweatshirt by Tilly and the Buttons. I made version 1 if you are looking at the pattern link. It is a more fitted than the previous jumper I made, and a little longer. This was the Jarrah jumper by Megan Nielsen. The fabric I used is dusty dark blue, which I find rather comforting. I enjoyed my latest sewing projects and I have now several long sleeved tops and two sweatshirts for the cool spring days. Next on my list is a linen dress by Sew Me Something but I am undecided what size to choose because the sizing with this company is always a bit off (which I had forgotten). I'll probably go down by two sizes. In the meantime, there are plenty of quilting cotton scraps that need to be cut into squares or strips for future projects. 

On Saturday, I attended a couple of University of St Andrews offer holders events with Annie. The events were online of course but I thought they were well organised and informative, including the "ask a student" sessions. A jolly bunch it seemed. I don't think Annie would have wanted me to attend the events had they been on campus but from the safety of our kitchen room, I could not embarrass her. 

I am only working four days next week, then I'll be off for a whole week. I cannot wait, this term has been long and tiring. I realise that I always say that and it is true. You might think I don't like my job but I do, I really do. It is just a bit relentless. I am now teaching all year round, with courses starting in September, January and April. 

I am rather looking forward to the Easter weekend, the weather forecast is for dry and not too cold, which is good in pandemic times, when meeting friends is only possible outdoors. I ordered a replacement for our broken old garden table and chairs. It will be delivered tomorrow, in good time for the good weather. The old table and chairs make good fire wood. For Easter, I might colour a few eggs with the boys but I have no other plans for seasonal decorations. I only just packed away the last of Christmas.... 

I wish I had taken more photographs on my Friday walk, when the weather was pleasant. I sat on a tree trunk, warming my face in the sun, sipping sweet hot peppermint tea. Next time, promise. 

Thanks for visiting. Have a lovely week x


  1. Hi. I have only recently discovered your blog via Winwick Mum and really enjoy reading it. I too am in the Novavax trial and am going into the crossover trial. It is a really clever idea- I have some health issues and was getting a bit twitchy seeing as I am convinced I had the placebo back in October. But this means I will feel protected and able to stay in the trial. Have a good Easter x

  2. Glad that Jack didn't find that mouse! Glad that you've had the vaccine, that is good news. Nothing of note happening here. Am having a bit of a flat couple of days. Hopefully more chipper tomorrow. I find the thought of having to organise all the uni things absolutely terrifying. So much to do and I don't know any of it. I know it's the same for everyone of course, but I am still in a panic and it's a whole year away for us. A lot of the time I think my brain just looks for something to be anxious about! Hope you have a good week. CJ xx

  3. I would not be happy with an escaped mouse in my house! So glad you are working towards being done with the vaccinations. I get my second shot tomorrow and I am just thrilled. As for work I understand, I love my job but it takes a lot out of me, well the kids and the driving, sometimes the parents most of all! Stay safe my friend.

  4. I also hope the mouse found its way outside. It sounds as if your vacation is timed well for a break for you. I had my 2nd shot this week and I'm so pleased to feel more protected. You will too! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. A heartfelt thankyou for participating in the trial and so glad that you will be getting your cross over injections so that you are safe. Not sure how comfortable I would be with a mouse in the house, I must admit to been a little scared...I know, silly!!!! Enjoy the Easter break from work.

  6. I have been reading the Lin Anderson, Rhona MacLeod series that you mentioned a few weeks ago (I think it was you). Like you said at the time, the first one or two were weak, but the quality has really seemed to have improved. I am just grabbing the early, inexpensive ones and reading via Kindle.

  7. Thank you for participating in the vaccine trial. You are helping to make it safe for all by helping science with the study. Well done!
    A mouse in the house would keep me awake!
    Enjoy your Spring break!

  8. Fantastic about your vaccine trial! Well done for taking part. Someone in my online French course with the Alliance Fran├žaise in Glasgow is also taking part. Wonder if it's a Glasgow thing :)
    My daughter was at St Andrews - graduated 2016. She absolutely loved it. Four outstandingly happy years, both academically and in terms of student life/setting. So many opportunities to take part in things. Working in HE myself I couldn't fault them.

  9. Coloring eggs sounds fun. I used to teach, so I can totally understand your need for a break. You give out so much energy when you're a teacher.

  10. Lots of good news in this post, Christina, especially the part about the upcoming Easter break and hope you will be able to gather outdoors. We are heading for (very) long overdue family visits in RI now that we're past the post vaccine waiting time. Good for you for participating in those trials which hopefully will help more folks in future. Happy ­čÉ░Easter to you and your family.

  11. I hope you have a really nice and relaxing break from work. We are also planning to dye eggs - hopefully, tomorrow evening. My daughter is very much looking forward to it! I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  12. I have rather fallen out of the habit of reading and writing blogs so it was lovely to catch up with your news

  13. Actually you have some very momentous news in there! Do show your Billie sweatshirt top as I have this on my sewing list for Heidi be nice to see the fit. It is good when you get a run of good things. Have a nice break over Easter with your folks. Jo x

  14. Thank you Christina for taking part in the trials and everyone else doing the same. You are all amazing.
    Hope Annie finds just the perfect course. Sounds like they are a great bunch of students. Happy uni days :)
    We have had sleety showers this morning so a bit cold at the moment but hopefully the sun will be out later. Enjoy a short week and take care x


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