Tuesday, 9 March 2021

March ....ing

Some of the photos today are from previous years, early March. I am only cheating a little bit. I didn't get a chance to take many photos since my last post, and to my great surprise I didn't even take a photo of Jack. I wish I had remembered to replace tulip bulbs in our big whiskey barrel planter, dug up during the summer by our resident squirrel. It doesn't look quite so good this spring. 

Gardening on a Sunday morning. I spent a couple of hours tidying up my perennial borders. I was cutting down long stemmed now empty seed heads and removing dead foliage from newly emerging growth. It is always satisfying to do this. There is a lot of tender new growth coming through and I am looking forward to seeing the first bursts of colour. 

Thinking about a garden update (in a vague sort of way). We need a new table and chairs and our decking needs a bit of attention. One of our low brick walls is leaning like the Tower of Pisa. It will need replacing at some point but for now, it adds charm to the garden.

Driving with Annie. She is a learner driver, not a bad one at all. But I find it a little stressful to sit in the passenger seat. I'd say it is a bit like being on a dentist chair. My body tenses up gradually until I notice that my teeth are hurting. Then I relax completely because there is really nothing to worry about, only to tense up again slowly and without noticing until the teeth hurt again. 

Soldiering on with home learning. I find the live gym sessions quite amusing to watch. You can see Alistair doing some squats in the photo above. A phased return to the classroom is planned for next week, we are talking half days once or twice a week. 

Running less and less. By the time I am done with work and chasing up youngsters to do theirs, I can't be bothered. Most days I walk though. Once James and Alistair are back at school, I can resume morning jogs, which is my preferred time for it. 

Sewing long sleeved t-shirts, something missing from my wardrobe. I made a Gable Top by Jennifer Lauren Handmade, a top with a slash neckline. The fabric I used was too drapey to hold the shape of the neckline. It is wearable though and I'll make another sometime. I then made two long sleeved Cashmerette Concord t-shirts, one with a structured knit fabric I had for years, the other with a pink and ochre stripe fabric. Both a success, really like them. I'll need to take some photos of my recent makes. 

Listening to the Rhona McLeod crime series, written by Lin Anderson. These are mostly set in Glasgow although some of the cases take the reader as far as Nigeria, the Isle of Skye and the Orkneys. The first book is the weakest but I am glad I persisted. It is good to have a series to focus on. Making decisions is not my strength, and that includes choosing a new book.

Ignoring housework. My theory is that dust bunnies will grow up eventually and move out. In the meantime, I have taken to watching them.

Eating the most delicious empire biscuits ever, baked by Annie. She is the death of my waistline. 

Watching re-runs of Star Trek Next Generation. I do like Captain Picard's gruffness. 

Celebrating the slow easing of lockdown. From Friday, we are allowed to meet in groups of four from two households outside. Cocktail party in the back garden anyone? I better dig out my thermals and the fairy lights. Children have it better still, they can meet in groups of four from all different households. I  am ecstatic! 

Hoping for dry weather (watery cocktails are no good)

Wishing you all a lovely day and week!


  1. I love Star Trek and 'Next Generation' is probably my favourite. Maybe it's time for a binge revisit!!
    Count me in for the cocktail party. If only....
    Have a great week.

  2. A bit of garden tidying here as well. Decision making not my strength either. I agonise over things for ages, it's ridiculous. Well done Annie on the driving and also on the empire biscuits, I am very envious. I have recently rediscovered my birthday chocolate, which I put in the bottom of the fridge as I was off sugar. It seems I am back on it now :) CJ xx

  3. Yay for some friends in the garden. I'd love to see your recent makes, I always struggle to find T-shirts that are a good fit but have been put off sewing them! Any tips? Do you run a tape along the shoulder seam to prevent it from over stretching? Hope your week is going well thus far :-) San

  4. Well done on the garden tidy. I haven’t watched Captain Picard for some time, I’ll have to check him out again. Not much running here either, not sure why. Hope the sunny weather returns soon. B x

  5. Christina! Thanks for posting! I have scrolled back to catch up and so admire your photography, knitting, sewing, and delightful sense of humor! You out did yourself with the description of the teacher-bringing-cocoa-reward to your front door.😂I hope a new work contract falls into place and that you and your family thrive! xx

  6. Good for you to be in the garden removing old and dead things. We need to do that here, too. I'm looking forward to planting our raised gardens we had put in last year. Your boy is so cute! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Thanks. I am going to try Lin Anderson. I can get a few cheaply via Kindle. You are listening. I'll see if I like reading before I recommend to Sue who is the main listener.

  8. I do remember those days of L drivers and how rattled I got sitting in the car with them. I can certainly recall so many hairy moments. I haven't made it to the garden for tidying up as yet, the weather needs to improve a little first. It will be nice to have people visit in the garden, thermals and waterproofs needed here.

  9. I remember taking eldest Daughter out driving and thinking 'how did I end up with this job?' - I assumed Hubby would do it but actually it was fine and she was a good driver. I know what you mean about feeling tense though. Now Daughter number 2 is 17 in May and already asking when we are going to book lessons. I will definately be tense with her as I know by her personality it will be a completely different experience!

  10. Both of my two had to pay for their own lessons, and I didn't go out with them. They are both better now but when they passed - hairy! If you get Prime Video, Picard is really worth watching. CN x

  11. Wow, that's exciting. I am still cautious. I need to trim back the wildflowers on the hillside, too. Spring is coming!

  12. We are march...ing on the same day! Great to catch up with your news. I am back on the PC - YAY! both girls are back to school (big one on different days but at least that frees up some blog time for me. Would love to see your tops and your garden when it springs into life. Jo x

  13. Oh how I wish I would've planned ahead and planted tulip bulbs last fall. I imaging they would be popping up right now. I hope the weather holds out and you are able to have a nice cocktail party with a few friends this weekend. How exciting to slowly begin to get a little normality back!

  14. Ignoring the housework has become my latest pastime as well :)
    It's lovely to see the bulbs making an appearance. X

  15. I had a big garden clean out today, cutting back everything in hopes it grows back. Lots and lots of raking dead leaves, we lose ours this time of year and then they bloom and bud right away. There is pollen everywhere! Stay safe my friend. Running and cleaning can be done later.


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