Sunday, 11 April 2021


April... well into it actually. I have been off work for a whole week and have done very little that could be considered productive. I am ok with that, the next term starting on 19 April is going to to be a tough one so all energy preserved now will be appreciated later.

Listening to "Migrations" by Charlotte McConaghy. I think it is also published with the title "The last migration". I can't make my mind up if I love it or not. A bit grim but also rather beautiful. 

Also listening to the wind. It is an unusually windy month.

Reading Tim Hartford's "How to make the world add up". This should be a core text at schools and for every grown-up. It is really useful to learn to evaluate statistical claims made by media and politicians and your neighbour when chatting over the garden fence. If you listen to BBC4 More or Less, presented by Tim Hartford you'll believe me that the book is neither dry nor boring. 

Thinning out my cucumber seedlings and moving the strongest on to larger pots. I have two kinds, a French cornichon and a pickling cucumber with a Russian name I can't remember. 

Re-potting my two only non-orchid house plants. I braved Dobbies garden centre to get larger pots and decorative ceramic pots for each but guess what? The plastic pots sold for re-potting don't don't match the sizes of the ceramic decorative pots that are sold in the same shop. Isn't that weird? It is a shame that our neighbourhood garden centre only sells plants. 

Waiting for my second vaccine/placebo injection on the 27th. I am either fully vaccinated or half vaccinated just now. My Covid-19 test came back negative, as did the pregnancy test. Both a relief as you can imagine. The big fat black bruise on my arm from blood sampling is slowly fading. 

Wondering if I could grade up a trouser pattern I really like to fit my bum, or if I should stop eating until my bum fits the pattern. 

Eating my chocolate Easter bunny. I was going to spread the joy over a few days but then I thought it might be better to eat it all up in one go and not worry about someone else "accidentally" eating it. 

Scraping and peeling off paint from our hallway woodwork (skirting, bannisters, door frames) in preparation for fresh paint. Also cursing the decorator who was too lazy to sand the bannister before painting and then used quick dry paint, which isn't suitable for woodwork that is often touched (the stair bannister). I think the oils on skin reacts with it and it is sticky and icky and peels off like a 1980s sunburn. It can't be sanded, too sticky.

Sowing dwarf basil and flat leaf parsley in large terracotta pots for windowsill herbs. It is too windy for either outdoors, we've never had a successful crop. 

Playing games with James and Alistair. They are not so keen these days, at least not James. They prefer playing outside or on a screen. I don't mind, I rather like doing my own thing, too. Our favourite games are Ratatat Cat (by Gamewright) and Gubs (also Gamewright). Alistair and I are fiercely competitive and fast, James is not that bothered.

Pondering if I should make another Ice Cream Soda quilt. I really (really) like it, and I loved making it, too. I have lots of fabrics, many new. I also have the papers, which I carefully removed and pressed after I finished my first version of the quilt. 

Escaping with Star Trek (Next Generation). I tried so many TV series on Netflix but I just can't get into any so stick with the familiar. By the end of my life I will probably be able to recite my favourite episodes. 

Creating memories, albeit small ones. James, Alistair, Jack and I went for a picnic. We didn't get all that far before the boys declared they were starving. We found a sunny spot with a large tree trunk that kept our bottoms dry and I watched two boy and their dog exploring the woods around us.

Admiring a friends back garden. It is brimming with life, so many birds and I even spotted a little mouse scuttling along the fence. Oh the joy of it!

Looking out the window, noticing snow falling. 

Finally, cleaning and refilling my bird feeders. I had not realised that I have nine feeders, placed around front and back garden. 

The photos are of Lupin the cat, sunbathing in a favourite spot. She is not as fat as she looks and very sweet. 

Have a lovely week. Thanks for visiting!


  1. I think I might be growing the same cucumbers as you but mine haven't germinated yet so fingers crossed they hurry up or the cucumber season will be very short in my greenhouse! Oh dear, there's nothing worse than having your Easter chocolate (or any chocolate!) "accidentally" eaten! xx

  2. I ran out of material for more lap quilts just before Christmas, I’m hoping to get some soon. I need to start eating less to get into pre covid clothes!! Lupin is delightful.

  3. A lovely post, you are very brave to chance a picnic in April. I stood outside watching football all day and it was pretty cold. I think I have gone soft over the past year. Cucumbers up here too. They don't generally do well in my soil. I sometimes wonder if I had a bag of manure with weedkiller in it, because they pretty much go yellow and stop growing straight away. Frustrating. I shall keep trying though. Hope you have a good week. Lots of things accidentally eaten here as well. This evening it was the last hot cross bun. The biggest boy has narrowed down the suspects. It may not end well. CJ xx

  4. Your is like mine! herbs, picnic, light gardening, buying new pots etc. I loved your soda quilt - if you loved making it, do it again I say. Jo xx

  5. We have only just made a start on the seeds, a little later than usual. A little snow here too, wondering what season we are in!!!!! A picnic sounds delightful, always nice to create memories from adventures. Unless I get a grip, new clothes will be required here very soon lol!!!

  6. We have been deep into Silent Witness, starting with the earliest episode in the 90s.

  7. Your week sounds good.. and especially the chocolate bunny. You're a good mom to pack a picnic for your boys. I didn't do that enough for my kids. Enjoy the Spring blooms!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. I'm exhausted just reading all your April..ings. I'm there with you on Star Trek. One of my favourite ways to unwind. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. B x

  9. Do you often get snow in April?
    A picnic with the boys sounds lovely.

  10. You reminded me that I have some chives seeds to plant. I'll go out to the garage to see what pots I can use.
    Sounds like a busy, happy month so far!

  11. Whew, what a busy April so far, Christina, and the month is only half over. Hope you enjoyed the outdoors as much as Lupin obviously did with the picnic outing, but wait then you watched snow falling later...there is rumors of snowfall in parts of NH sometime this weekend. I am hoping for rain because I'm done with winter and have already switched bedding, so there's no going back.

  12. i felt the same way about migrations at first but settled on i loved it.

  13. I am glad you have enjoyed your time off, it is good to rest and catch up with yourself. There is no shame in re-watching things you love and I know what you mean about stuff on netflix etc, we keep starting things and giving up then you feel cheated out of an hour or however long you devoted to it. Take care. x


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