Friday, 30 April 2021

daily snippets

Saturday - long morning walk with my four legged best friend Jack. I felt energised and cleaned our facilities. I was pleased to hang the freshly laundered newly bought towels. I like a fluffy towel. Annie and I bought them at Ikea, instead of picture frames, which weren't the right size for the pictures. Because you know, there is a law that states you cannot leave Ikea without buying something you don't need. I then took the vacuum cleaner on a tour of the upstairs. It is always satisfying to see the under-bed dust bunnies being sucked up. Where these always comes from remains a mystery, we have wooden floors throughout the house so it is not carpet fluff. I spent the rest of the day pottering around and listening to podcasts.

Sunday - I went for pathetic jog in the morning. I am awfully unfit but I gritted my teeth and went out for a bit of alternate running and walking anyway. Mornings are good for runs, there are always some interesting birds to spot. The weather was just glorious and I spent most of the afternoon in the back garden. I moved two boxes with fat quarters and other assorted fabric scraps outside, along with the cutting mat and all the other bits and pieces needed for a bit of cutting and glue basting for my second Ice Cream Soda EPP quilt. The binoculars are never far for a bit of garden bird watching. 

Monday - always a busy day at work but usually enjoyable. On Mondays I start a new teaching week, review student forum contributions on discussion boards and I give feedback. James, Alistair and I had dental check-ups later in the afternoon, it has been almost 18 months since our last one. No major issues but I am now booked for an appointment with the hygienist. I am not fond of her.  

Tuesday - went by in a blur. I had a long chat with my new line manager, which went well. I had my final vaccine/placebo injection appointment. Did you notice that we now all have a favourite vaccine? I imagine future dinner party conversations discussing vaccine preferences when in the olden days we might have talked about a favourite white wine. We also got the first contact tracing letter alert from school, just one week into term. Annie and I went for a long drive, for some hill stop practicing and roundabout navigation. I had a lovely surprise in the morning, when I  also took delivery of a beautiful bouquet from Annie's school friend, to whom I have given one of my two sewing machines. 

Wednesday - another busy day at work but Sam stopped by before work for a bacon roll lunch in the garden, which was a nice distraction. I didn't leave the house all day, except to sit in the garden sigh Sam. It comes as no surprise that I am unfit. My vaccine arm is aching. Annie decided where to spend the next four years (St Andrews). Second child flying the nest soon, very exciting. 

Thursday - you guess right, another busy day at work. I am trying to cram in as much as I can because I am off three days next week, which is is problematic during teaching term. On Thursdays I always run through my online learning material for the following week to make sure all links are correct and whatnot. After work I went for a dog walk with my friend. So good to get fresh air into this dusty brain of mine. The two youngest have been driving me nuts, constant bickering, plenty of talking back and complaining about "never allowed to do anything". Annie cooked a delicious garlic butter roast chicken with mashed potatoes and the last of the purple sprouting broccoli form the garden. 

Friday - at the off chance of being boring, it was another busy day at work but I finished a pile of marking and I think I have my annual leave days covered. I got our sheets laundered and line dried in the sun. On that note, I bought a new whirlygig. Our old one was broken and I hate the free replacement Richard found on the neighbourhood Facebook group because the lines were too narrowly spaced and it hurts me fingers when hanging the laundry. I know, what a problem to have. Are you in a neighbourhood social media group? I am not a member of ours, too many curtain twitchers for my liking but Richard finds the local pettiness quite amusing. I had a long chat with the knowledgeable Anna from the Sewing Studio in Redruth, which is not even remotely local but the friendliest place I found in my quest for a new sewing machine. 

Just a normal week really. I am looking forward to the weekend and three extra days off work. A holiday!

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  1. Lovely photos and good to hear about your busy week. Well done on the jog walking. I’m only walking at the moment, must get back up to running. I smiled about your IKEA comments. Oh to have an IKEA, I have to cross sea to get to one. One day! Enjoy your few days off happily pottering. B x

  2. Well done on the running. I have tried it in the past but it never sticks. All your fabric looks glorious in the sunshine, I bet that was a lovely afternoon in the sun. Youngest also driving me nuts here. It may be in the job description. I am contemplating emptying the wildlife pond this afternoon, but I am slightly afraid of what might be lurking in the sludgy depths. CJ xx

  3. What your describe as your normal week, Christina, was much more fulfilling than my own. We went on another short getaway this past week, then home to some household chores, laundry is always first thing. Annie’s cooking always sounds as wonderful as the meal must have tasted. You will certainly miss her helpfulness once she starts at St Andrews. Perhaps too much indoor time is causing your sons to be so disagreeable at times? Always fun to see Jack.

  4. That was a pretty busy week. Enjoy your mini break.

  5. Your dog is just so so cute, and what lovely flowers to receive.

  6. Happy news about Annie - she will love St Andrews! I was so sorry when my daughter's time there was over. It is still one of my happiest places in the world to visit because of all the memories of visiting her there and the fantastic time she had. Like you I am trying to get going on running but am using all my energy on our garden reclamation so have very very little left over. I dislike Facebook and don't use it for personal contacts but joined a French gardening group and have been enjoying the gardening tips in French plus people getting irritated with each other. Facebook seems to have that effect!

  7. I hope Annie enjoys her time at St Andrews and has a proper university experience. My Kate and of corse your Sam have been unlucky that there university experience has been so badly affected by the pandemic. We’ve heard this week that there is to be no proper graduation ceremony, just another online event. Jack looks happy in that picture. Our new puppy is no allowed out for walks which he finding very exciting. Have a good week! X Doris

  8. A brilliant idea to spend time outside with Jack, running/walking, tending laundry, cutting material and bird watching, Christina! All good pursuits as counterpoint to screen time work tasks, and playing referee to two dear young men :) I don't post on an online neighborhood group but read some of the entries...lost pets, scary lurkers about. I have trouble making time to post on my blog and reading others' posts... Life is busy even in "retirement!" Enjoy your days off! xx

  9. Time with Jack sounds good to me. Did you choose a machine? I have ordered one, a singer heavy duty and I am waiting for it's arrival it has been on it's way all week! Have a good week. x


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