Wednesday, 12 May 2021


May, my favourite month. How can it not be? It is my Birthday month, there are two long weekends and nature is at its best. 

It is an unusually cold May so far but a padded jacket and brisk walk help when exploring the outdoors. I took a cheeky little holiday last week and it felt good, extending the Bank Holiday weekend by two days.

Celebrating my birthday. I am a mature 51 years old now. 

Loving my new house plants, gifted to me for my Birthday. I don't know what they are called but they are pretty and I hope they'll thrive. I am good with orchids but they thrive on neglect and I am not sure if my new plants do. 

Also loving my garden, so many beautiful flowers and greenery to please the eye.

Sewing the Emelia Dress by Sew Me Something. I made it with navy blue linen. Sewing linen is quite enjoyable, a stable fabric. I like wearing the dress, too. 

Cooking more often. I don't cook many meals these days but I have decided that I want to take on some more responsibility in the kitchen. After all, our head chef Annie will be moving in September and I need the practice. I made a Burmese chicken noodle dish which was nice and Eastern Mediterranean stuffed courgettes which were not so nice.  

Enjoying meeting five (!) friends all at once for the first time in you know how long. Still outside as indoor visits are not possible. It was a sunny but cold evening and we laughed a lot. I couldn't get warm for hours after my friends left but it was worth it. I wonder if uncontrolled shivering counts as exercise?

Going for a hair cut. It was about time, my scarecrow hair-do was no a good look. Now, I have once more a short and sharp cut and I feel better for it. I wish I had gone a little shorter but it works for now. 

Voting for the Scottish Parliament elections as if my life depended on it. I feel privileged to be allowed to vote despite being a foreign national. I am happy with the outcome of the elections.

Hanging laundry on my new rotary washing line (and enjoying it). I know, very middle aged but there is not much excitement in my life. I also got new pegs, made from recycled fishing nets with not metal bits at all. I will write them into my will as no doubt the children will fight over them. 

Walking around Bingham's Pond. This is a former boating pond, naturalised in 2003. It now is a haven for waterfowl and I very much enjoy having a wander, particularly in the evening, when the ducks are settling down. I spotted some ducklings but they were too quick to photograph.

Listening to "The Beekeeper of Aleppo" by Christy Lefteri. I really loved this book, it will be one that I remember for a long time. Next up on my book list is "Project Hail Mary" by Andy Weir. I need a bit of science fiction in my life. 

Also listening to Jane Garvey's new BBC Radio 4 programme Life Changing. I miss Jane Garvey as a presenter of BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour. I don't listen to Woman's Hour often now, I find the new presenter, Emma Barnett is too confrontational and frequently interrupts guests abruptly. 

So, all in all, things are going well. How are you all? Thanks for visiting.


  1. It is so nice to get out for a walk and see the signs of spring everywhere. Your photos of all of your blooms are so pretty! I love watching for those pops of color when I stroll. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello there! New to leaving comments but have enjoyed your blog for a wee while.
    I also miss Jane Garvey on Woman's Hour, she always got the tone and questioning just right. I too find Emma Barnett rather confrontational, she is the same way on Newsnight. Maybe Jane may return, let's hope so. I don't need confrontation and rude interruptions in the morning. Carole.

  3. Jane Garvey and Fi Glover have a podcast on BBC Sounds called Fortunately. It is very enjoyable - they quite often have a bit of a giggle and it's a relaxing listen.

  4. All good here thank you. Yes, I don't like it when the interviewer interrupts all the time and is confrontational. The recycled pegs sound excellent, what a great idea. And I love the sound of Bingham Pond. Hope you have a good week. CJ xx

  5. You asked awhile back about Unforgotten. Yes, really like it. Anxious for new episodes.

    You also asked about Canadian mysteries. The only only I know is Murdoch Mysteries. It is set around the turn of last century and is in the lighter vein of mystery. It's a favourite of many although doesn't do as much for me as the better British ones.

  6. Belated Birthday wishes.
    I've recently purchased a rotary drier as well. Oh, what joy! :) It took me a little while to figure out what I was searching for online. I've previously only referred to them as whirly-gigs. Xx

  7. Happy birthday! 51 is fun... I'm 53 in a couple of weeks.
    I haven't been around for a while (full time work), and then today I was reading old posts from my old blog, and thought it was time to visit and see how everyone is.
    Your poppies look gorgeous... I can't believe they're almost out already? Here we have grey skies and no warmth yet.
    I'll catch up slowly on about 2 years of past posts....

  8. 🎶Happy Birthday, Christina!🎶 I so enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos and learning about your May-ing. Years ago I also enjoyed using our rotary clothesline, at my current condo we are not allowed to have clotheslines. Your new pins sound brilliant...worthy of mentioning in your will! 😄💞🌺 ((hugs))

  9. Hi Christina. I hope you had a happy birthday. You are a mere youngster compared to me! I’m currently listening to Women’s Hour and it’s Anita Rani today. I too miss the old presenters though In someways it needed a bit of a shake up. I enjoyed The Beekeeper of Aleppo too. Let’s hope the weather improves so we can enjoy the rest of May - my favourite month too. XxDoris

  10. Happy Birthday, 51 is still a baby in my book. I am heading to 57 very fast. I love all the gorgeous flowers, hope it warms up soon.

  11. Hi Christina, Cooking is so therapeutic. I have been getting back into it again, too. I made broccoli cheese last night. I love the leftovers. Your photos are exquisite; I love the ducks!

  12. Belated very Happy 🎂 Birthday wishes to you, Christina, and I hope you will celebrate all year long as this number onky comes once as I will know having passed it by awhile ago. The flowers look beautiful and I wondered it some were your birthday gifts. Cooking isn’t so bad, but it’s the cleanup that I dislike.

  13. Oh my I exclaimed out loud as I saw your tangerine geum in the garden. Mine is out because we are further south but it is my favourite flower so far this month. I have been listening to Anita Rani on womans hour at the moment and this is a gentler interviewing style. Loving the crochet at the moment! Jo xxx

  14. Happy Birthday Christina whenever it was in early May x
    Your tangerine Geums are lovely. I had to split several clumps of mine last year as they seem to really like my soil but they are so bright and cheerful I would have them everywhere in the garden.
    Glad you were able to meet up with friends and I am sending lots of good wishes to you in Glasgow this week.

  15. Happy Birthday Christina!
    So happy you got to meet some friends.
    I have been itching for a haircut..

  16. Happy birthday 51 😀😀 Me well I am 64 lol Lovely visit here and enjoyed your plants and duck 😀😀


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