Friday, 11 June 2021


Worst month so far this year...  by no means terrible but the threat of suffocation by exam papers is high and that is not a good feeling. So let's pretend for a few minutes that it is two weeks later and those papers are marked and returned. There are always moments to enjoy and remember.

Eating delicious garlic rolls and steamed asparagus. We eat a lot of asparagus just now, the British crop is in season and it is ever so delicious (never mind the stinking pee)

Feeling a bit excited about the delivery of my brand new litter picker. Litter is a big problem in Glasgow, made worse by strong winds that deposit rubbish where it is difficult to reach.

Watching with despair as our neighbours back garden is transformed from an unmanaged wilderness to a garden they can actually use. I loved that wilderness, so much to see. There was a tree, long dead, only held upright by a tangle of ivy, with vines thick as my arms. This tree was full of wildlife but unfortunately not safe to keep. Of course I understand that our neighbours would like to use their garden, I would if it were mine. 

Watching with joy as our garden is getting wilder, at least around the edges. Wherever possible, we planted climbers and ramblers all around the fences and on the side of our garage to create more shelter for creatures and to attract more pollinators.

Sewing with abandon. Although never quite as much as I'd like

Enjoying the Great British Sewing Bee. Probably one of the best series so far. I rewatched the first two series on BBC iPlayer (I ran out of Star Trek episodes). How much this show has changed! I am so glad that Esme Young has replaced May Martin as a judge. She reminded me too much of my needle work teacher at school (no fond memories there).

Observing four teenagers in my garden practicing to put up small tents. Annie and her friends will be wild camping this coming weekend. One of the joys of living in Scotland, wild camping is permitted in most places. 

Listening to the latest instalment of the DCI Daley crime series by Denzil Meyrick. What a story, loving it. 

Looking forward to our camping trip in July. May the weather gods be kind!

Deciding what books to bring. I am an audiophile but when we go camping, I like to sit in front of the tent with a real book in my hands.

Chatting to a well read book shop assistant with similar reading preferences at the bookshop (at the actual bookshop!). I had to dash home for dinner after a while but we talked for more than half an hour and I have a pile of books to read and a handwritten note with recommendations for later.

Buying a new rain jacket because despite all my efforts, I can't find my old worn out one. I have no idea where I lost it, not having left the neighbourhood since last July.  

Admiring Jack for living his life to the full, always bringing happiness to his people.

Preparing emotionally for my first non-Zoom work meeting since February 2020 on Monday. We are meeting in our garden or if necessary at our kitchen table with the bi-fold doors open (now allowed, long may it last). I'll provide a light lunch and to be honest, if feels almost like getting ready for a party!

Hoping for a quiet weekend. There is a bit of tidying and cleaning on my to do list, and get the spare room ready for Sam who will be visiting next week, coming all the way from York for a few days before starting his new job. He is booked in for his first vaccine so good timing. 

Have a good weekend all. Thank you for visiting. I myself am a bit slow at catching up with favourite blogs.... and this is not likely to change but I'll try wave to you from under a pile of exam scripts next week, promise!


  1. Massive overwhelm here as well, and it is starting to get a bit of a drag. Love the sound of your bookshop assistant, how brilliant. A tent needs to be purchased and practised with here as well for the eldest. It is all on my to-do list! I hope you have some time to yourself over the weekend and that the exam marking all gets done in good time. I shall be taxi-ing people around and working and occasionally looking out at the messy garden and sighing. Oh, and laundry and cooking and cleaning, let's not forget that. Honestly, the weekends are harder than the week. Not complaining though, it is good to have the work, and I am all chipper really. CJ xx

  2. Glad you are enjoying June and not letting life overwhelm you. I empathise about next doors garden but it sounds like you are doing a good job with all your climbers. I can almost smell those garlic rolls from here and we too are eating copious asparagus yum! Hope things become less chaotic for you soon and the winds moderate! B x

  3. Enjoying the asparagus too including it in as many meals as possible. Such a shame about the next door neighbours garden but like you understand that they would want to organise it a little. We are letting a small corner of croftland go wild and I must admit it brings such a lot of pleasure.

  4. The month of June seems to have gotten off to a great start for you, Christina. Asparagus is one of our favorite vegetables and we purchase it every time there's a sale at the local market. Jack does really know how to enjoy life with plenty of naps.

  5. What an assortment of flowers.
    I can relate to how the pile of exams make you feel.

  6. I love the photos of your flowers. I have saved some to print out one day. I would like to make notecards with photos I have collected from various blogs. I still enjoy writing notes to people for special occasions or just to say hello.
    Hope it is okay with you that I saved a few of your lovely blooms.

  7. Your photos bring a feeling of a perfect life . . . I love it when people look deep and see all the beauty around them. We all have so much to be thankful for.

  8. Hi Christina, That's great that the kids are practicing putting up their tents. I've never camped in a tent. I've left most of the land at the cabin for the wildlife. They really seem to enjoy it. I did put in a a small flower patch, some fruit trees and blackberry bushes, and a rose garden. Have fun camping! Hope you find your raincoat. I know the feeling.

  9. It all sounds so exciting and busy and yet you found time to view those beautiful flowers. I would like to come back in my next life as my dog because my boys have the life!

  10. Ah, grading exams! I hope it goes quickly, Christina.

  11. Do not envy you exam marking, Christina - I am very glad to have left that behind. An interesting selection of books - shall try some of these. I like to download samples on my Kindle first. Hope you have a good week in between the marking sessions. X Doris

  12. great pics and great book pile,I have added a few of those to my to read pile. I love visiting bookshops and finding new treasures to read. I am very much a real book person but have both audible and kindle for travelling.

  13. Thanks for all those lovely June flowering picture they are a real winner for the soul.
    I remember our son putting up a trial run for a tent before he started going to festivals. It seemed to go ok and he went to lots of festivals after that.
    Have a good week and get through the dreaded marking in one piece.

  14. Like you, I've really enjoyed Sewing Bee this year. It's been so good. I think you should enter next year. Those garlic rolls look delicious, as does the asparagus. Good luck with all the marking. I don't envy you that one little bit!


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