Sunday, 12 September 2021


September! This used to be one of my favourite times of the year but now less so. It is work that is to blame, I am starting not one but three new courses next week. But it pays the bills and a generous fabric allowance and that's a good thing, too. 

Enjoying the early autumn colours in the garden. The bright purple artichoke flower is particularly bright.

Celebrating not one but two family birthdays this week. 

Applauding myself and Richard for successfully raising a second adult. Annie is 18 today. She enjoyed  her first week away from home. 

Visiting Annie in St. Andrews on her birthday. We took her out for lunch in Ealie (a nearby town), it was lovely to see her. She has changed so much in such a short time. I met two of her flat mates, both nice. We also walked along the beach in Ealie and found a wall to climb on (the boys, not me) 

Eating a lot. We had an Indian takeaway to celebrate Richard's birthday. I am not keen on takeaway but the haddock pakora was nice. I also went for a Vietnamese meal with my friends (another birthday!), delicious. I had a spicy vermicelli noodle and tofu dish. Then of course the meal with Annie. I had fish and chips, as you do in a seaside town.

Baking a birthday cake. My first in many years now that the main baker is no longer living here and the secondary baker can't be expected to bake his own birthday case. I made lemon drizzle cake, very nice indeed. 

Going into the office for the first time in 18 months. I was there less than five minutes when a cleaner popped her head around the door asking if I needed the waste bin emptied. Not a speck of dust in the office, the good woman obviously took care of my space while away. 

Sweating buckets. It was very hot last week, very unusual for Glasgow at this time of year. We are talking mid to high twenties (that is centigrades), which is unusual even at the height of summer. 

Jogging in the rain (less than 12 hours after the heat broke. I waited and waited until the rain eased off but it didn't so I went anyway. 

Admiring the new sealant in the shower. Long may it last. The disadvantage of living in a damp country is mould, plenty of it. I know, my life is boring.

Holding my breath every time we do our lateral flow tests. With Covid numbers sky high it is more a question of when than if. Our children are masked at school but not vaccinated. It would be so easy to get the younger teens vaccinated...  The NHS is good at that and both my boys just had their HPV vaccine primary and booster respectively, at school. They are scheduled for the flu shot early October.

Listening to "The Last of Us" by Robert Ewing. It is set in the Western Isles in the aftermath of a pandemic. I know, I am a glutton for punishment. The book is bit grim but I enjoyed it all the same. The narrator was excellent, lovely accent (with some Gaelic thrown in for good measure).

Also listening to H.G. Wells sci-fi novels. Although written in the late 19th century, there are many themes that reflect our own time. I finished Time Machine and War of Two Worlds. I am partway through The Invisbible Man. These short books are free for Audible subscribers. 

Finishing my second Sylvia Robe. I already have fabric for a third one, this time a full length robe for lounging around the living room. The fabric is silky and beautiful. I might have to upgrade my pyjamas, they'll look positively shabby in comparison. I also finished sewing another lovely top, which I must show you soon. 

Dreading the next 12 weeks (term time). My workload is ok but I have no support or backup, which I find challenging. Too many students depend on my continued health and energy and I feel exhausted before it all kicks off. 

Continuing to enjoy podcasting. I noticed that I am no longer listed as guest but host, such an honour. I am feeling more confident now that I have done it a few times. Richard commented on this. I didn't know he was listening.... probably the only time he hears me talk without me nagging someone or shouting to pick up pants and socks. 

Accepting that the summer is now coming to an end. The fallen fruit are a clear sign of autumn. 

What are you up to? Do share. Thanks for visiting x


  1. I enjoy reading your posts Christina. I live in southern Australia - love reading a slice of Scottish life. My husband was also teaching University classes remotely, so I understand your pain. Mid to high 20s is not hot - try a 47C day like we have had - that’s why I love reading about Scotland. Cheers, Anne

  2. Just catching up. The wind and the rain have returned with a vengeance here on the Western Isles a sure sign of the end of Summer. I must take a look at "The Last Of Us", or rather listen to...

  3. Yes, loads of fallen fruit here as well. Well done on the podcasting, it sounds if you are doing really well. Just one month until my eldest is 18. Yikes. Work sounds tough going for you, well done for taking so much on. I am absolutely flat out here as well, and a bit stressed about how much there is to do. Head down and plough on is the name of the game. Hope you have a good week. CJ xx

  4. You certainly are keeping busy. Your boys have grown so quickly! Every new photo of them I can see the changes in them. Hope your classes won't be too taxing for you and you can save some time for yourself!

  5. Happy belated birthdays to Annie and Richard. Good that you were able to spend time with Annie on her special day.
    The picture of your boys climbing on the wall made me smile. My boy who is 28 still has a passion for climbing and other adventurous things that are probably best that I don't know about!!

  6. Bidding farewell to summer as well. But then again I do love autumn so its not the worst thing I suppose.
    Happy Birthday to Richard and Annie.
    All you meals look delicious. We order take out once a week since Covid started and cooking 24/7 was driving me mad! It is not as good as in the restaurant of course.. but it's the one day I can take a break so I'm happy.

  7. Happy Birthday to Annie and Richard! X

  8. I feel very connected to Scotland right now, as we are watching Shetland on season 4 right now, which we, somehow, seemed to have missed before.

  9. I do love your posts. September is a time for me to regroup and get my plans together for the coming year.

  10. Gish Christina I’m just exhausted reading all that you are up to! A twelve week run sounds incredibly challenging and so I hope the sewing provides a much welcome distraction 🙂. You’ll have to get the two youngest baking but you cannot beat a good old lemon drizzle cake, just the thing for early autumn days - a little bit of sunshine amongst the grey ❤️

  11. For the first time in my life, I do not have the September blues. It is my first year not in education and I can feel your pain. I have sheep worries instead!! Those are small fry to the harvesting I am doing at the moment - plums are next. i am glad you got to see Annie for a meal and you have seen her settled. Jo x

  12. Belated birthday wishes to the family members and the get togethers to celebrate sounded lovely, including the food. Compared to your busy life with school and family, our lives have been filled with multiple short road trips. We decided that since any long distance travel is off because of the current virus uptake, that short New England excursions would be an alternative. We are visiting museums, parks, and anything that catches our attention. What is the name of the podcast you are hosting as I listen to several, time permitting.

  13. It sounds like so much pressure to be a teacher right now. I feel for you. Your photos are gorgeous. Wonderful work that you are doing...

  14. What a lovely post, beautiful flowers and yum yum food!

  15. Nice photos :-) Thank you very much.
    We have Saxon Switzerland in front of the door, the Elbe Sandstone Mountains ... with lots of sandstone climbing rocks ... your children would like it :-)) That occurred to me at the first photo.
    Celebrating a birthday is wonderful and that you baked a cake is great.
    Looking forward to seeing your next Silvia robe.
    Have a happy weekend ... our students and their teachers also wear face masks, even during French lessons.
    p.s. it didn't work out for a vacation in Scotland, I hope for the next year.
    Many greetings to you.


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