Friday, 8 October 2021


a bit lacklustre. I blame the diminishing daylight hours. Living at a high latitude is great in summer but not so much in winter.  

Jack of course knows exactly how to adapt to the changing seasons. I would like to follow his lead but I am not sure if I fit in the laundry bag.

My cooking reflects my lacklustre mood and is uninspired. For the first time ever I bought a frozen lasagne for Sunday dinner. Cook sells nice frozen meals, quite unlike those ultra-processed atrocities you can purchase at the supermarket. I served it with cucumber salad because the cucumbers in our fridge seem to multiply. Richard on the other hand has been cooking delicious food, for example roast beetroot. 

Listening to The Heart's Invisible Furies by John Boyne. Loving it so far although some of the dialogue is a bit lengthy. Maybe I am impatient.

On that note, looking forward to book group at the end of October. Yes, real proper book group.

Watching Ghosts on BBC iPlayer. It is the funniest sitcom ever. If you enjoyed Horrible Histories with your children, you'll like Ghosts, too. 

Hand-sewing my second Ice Cream Soda quilt. It is shaping up to be quite different from my first one. 

Loving the colours in my October garden. It is colourful, much more so than late summer. Yellows, whites and some pinks. I have planted some late summer flowering perennials so that next year we have some August colour, too 

Eating produce from the garden. There are plenty of carrots, still some courgettes, a bag full potatoes and I just discovered my yellow late raspberries, they are very delicious. The cavolo nero is also ready to be harvested. I see a cavolo nero risotto in my near future. I also have two tiny quinces on my tiny quince tree. I call that a success.

Packing for another trip away. We are travelling to Devon for the October break, leaving on Monday. It is a long drive but we want to go to a family memorial service and it made sense to add a few days to the trip. 

Making progress with my running programme. I am once more able to jog for 30 minutes. As I typed this, I remembered that this day is the anniversary of my running accident that left me with a bad case to gravel rash and a bust ankle, which that took months to heal. This prompted me to dig out my leggings, protecting my skin in an eventual fall. It is so slippery when all the leaves come down.

Feeling relieved because my annual performance review is done and dusted. I have also finally submitted an application to Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (with a two year delay). 

Looking forward to a slow weekend and croissants for breakfast. 

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  1. Well done on the running, it is impressive stuff. I try it from time to time but it never quite sticks. Well done also on the application, I hope it is successful. Also very lacklustre on the cooking front here. CJ xx

  2. I always love your Jack photos. We had a succession (collective noun?) of Jack Russells, such great little dogs. They know the right thing to do, they just generally choose not to do it! We're not in a position to have dogs any more, and I do miss them so keep the photos coming!

  3. Well done on the running. I’m back to basics again but hopefully it won’t be too long before a 5K. I know what you mean about the leaves. Love the muted shades of your hydrangeas and impressed with all your veg. Just the tomatoes still coming here. Have a great trip away. I look forward to hearing about it. B x

  4. As always, Christina, it's great to new start of the month photo series. The garden veggies look wonderful and make me a bit envious that you have such produce available right at home. Jack always makes the best of any time of year. Kudos on your running endurance, while I am not a runner, I have been regularly walking on the treadmill in the gym here and recently walked an hour. Of course, watching older season of Calling the Midwives has been helping tremendously with that effort. Hope your upcoming travels re safe and fun.

  5. We have a Uncle in Devon Torquay. Enjoyed your pics and nice to see Jack relaxed 😀 Running I did in my early 40's now 64 so brisk walk. Enjoy your trip 😀😀

  6. A am reading Ann Cleves latest series, set in Devon. Well, there are only tow in the series, and I am on the first. The reading is going slowly since it is a audio book, and I keep falling asleep.

  7. Well done with the running and I hope the family trip refreshes your soul. We love, love ghosts - utterly brilliant!! Xx

  8. I remember that fall. Glad that you are healing well. Autumn in the garden is so pretty. I put out some gourds and pumpkins. The colors are so pretty!

  9. Well done on the running! Have a good time in Devin. X Doris

  10. Your garden of autumn berries and muted hydrangeas looks lovely.
    Jack,bless him,always knows the best place to snooze doesn't he.
    Have a great time in Devon. We enjoyed our break on the south coast last week too x

  11. Love those autumnal pictures (Jack looks so very comfy) and colours. Good to hear the running is going well. Enjoy your Devon break. The long journey will be worth it, I'm sure.

  12. Oh man we love Ghosts. When the last series came on we bought special snacks and everything! I thought that was an ice cream soda quilt, your colour choices always make this a winner. I am very impressed with your veg you have some good stuff there. Well that is a drive - Glasgow to Devon, I am probably about half way! Happy Friday. Jo x


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