Saturday, 22 January 2022

January... ing

I had completely forgotten about this monthly recurring collection of random nuggets of happenings. It was when I saw Jo's January ing post that I remembered. Why not visit Jo and see what January looks like for her? 

Managing life without a car. It has been ok actually but don't tell Annie because she might not return our wheels tomorrow. A combination of cycling, ordering groceries and the occasional taxi helped. It takes a bit of planning to get to places but nothing insurmountable.

Knitting socks, one round at the time in the evening. I have a serious case of second sock syndrome, just find it difficult to finish it. 

Pondering what exciting garments to sew in the near future, other than the elusive 1960s coat I wrote about in my recent post 

Ordering a few boiled wool and Harris tweed samples for said coat. A coat needs planning and wool fabric is too expensive to just chance it. 

Meanwhile, sewing wardrobe staple long sleeved t-shirts for layering. I am using up jersey fabric I have been saving for "something special" but decided to use it for someone special instead, me. 

Dreaming of a holiday, somewhere hot and sunny. Failing that, I'll settle for camping in Scotland. 

Listening to "the lost lights of St. Kilda" by Elisabeth Gifford. I am not sure yet if I like it, it jumps around in time a bit and I haven't quite got the hang of the various threads, and how they connect.

Looking forward to book group in February. 

Watching cheerful Bhangra dancing on Twitter. If you are on the Twitter, check out Gurdeep Pandher of the Yukon for some joyful dancing, currently in the beautiful snowy landscape of the Yukon. Gurdeep will put a smile on your face, promise. I danced Bhangra once before at a Scottish-Punjabi wedding, it was fun.

Eating rice crispies for lunch because sometimes I can't think of anything to make.

Stopping by the office to empty the coffee machine water container, which I had filled before Christmas during a burst of optimism. I had to go in to teach on Zoom because my home internet failed. Maybe I'll return soon but in the meantime, I don't want algae growing in my coffee machine.

Loving the small clumps of snow drops that are popping up around our plum and pear trees.

Feeling entertained by a brochure with all sorts of interesting essential helpers for life to buy. It came with a pile of other unsolicited junk mail. I like the idea of belly fat melting belt. That and urine smell zapping spray (because accidents happen) are must haves. I am joking but really, these products are sold by predatory companies exploiting vulnerable individuals. Shameful.

Walking up the hills with a lovely friend and three of our kids. The photos are from this walk, which was fabulous. Mud, wind, fog, a flask of hot tea, some chocolates and good conversations are a recipe for happiness.

Trying to ignore application forms for promotion. It should be a doodle after writing a 6500 reflection on my academic practice for my Senior Fellow application. I sweated blood over that and lost some sleep, too.

But on the whole, feeling more on top of things at work.

Thanks for visiting, as always 😊


  1. So enjoyable and glad to visit Lovely pics for sure

  2. Now I am worrying that you're not getting a proper lunch. I discovered Jo's blog through you a while back and I absolutely love it, so thank you. She is all round brilliant. I have been pondering making something. I ordered some fabric for patchwork, then it didn't' come for a week and I had a change of heart and cancelled it. Then I was pondering crocheting a blanket but I'm not really one of life's crocheters, I am more camp knit. And I am still only partway through a scarf which I have been knitting forever and which most knitters would have run up in a weekend. I shall look forward to seeing your fabric choice for the coat. The one you made before was amazing. Have a lovely Sunday. CJ xx

  3. I love this prompt and used it too this month. Beautiful photos!

  4. Well done on the walking, meeting with friends makes all the difference. Looking forward to seeing your new.coat in the making and those new tops. I keep saying I should make some. Love that you have a reading group. One day I’ll find one to join. Hope the rest of January goes well. B x

  5. While I have always enjoined your "ing" post, Christina, it does seem that doing them towards the end of the month would give you more things to post about that happened. That hike looked like a bit of an adventure and I wondered what distant city I was seeing in #3 image above. I haven't listened to an audio book in quite awhile, but may return. lately, i have been busily searching for podcasts that are not too deep, just entertaining.

  6. It sounds as if January has been rather kind to you. And yes, well done on the walking and meeting up with friends for a nice chat - both are so good for the soul. Something I need to do much more often myself. Have a great week!

  7. Loving the tree in the first photo, and remembering my first 15 years without a car.
    (Did you get my ing-ing? 😎)

  8. Walking in the hills with a friend is a fab thing to do and a flask of something and chocolate, what more could you ask for :) You do have some lovely places to walk Christina x

  9. Your walk looks and sounds lovely. Walking with friends is always good isn't it. I want to try making a t-shirt for the first time. I found a new to me sewing shop in a local town today and was so tempted to buy some of their lovely fabric but did not have time to browse properly, I will be back now I know it is there! Hope you get your sock finished, second sock syndrome can be tiresome can't it, hope the sock knitting mojo returns.

  10. You are wise. That's great that you got along okay without a car. I was car free for about a year in California. I got used to it, but it was challenging at times. Smart of you to change that water!

  11. Special fabric is for you my dear! of course it is. Love reading your ramblings. I have porridge and banana on days when the minions have made their luncbox sandwiches and left me without bread. I love 7 miles from a shop! Oh the sock thing is in your house now is it? It will come and pass.


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