Thursday, 26 May 2022

May ... ing

Buying decorative pots for new houseplants that I was given for my birthday. 

Nursing my little pink Masdevallia orchid back to health. I took photos and a leaf of the ailing plant to the orchid fair a few weeks back and asked one of the local orchid society members for advice. They were surprisingly reluctant to help, even though they were not selling plants so no conflict of interest. The diagnosis was that it was  probably too warm on the shower room window sill. 

Feeling the cold more than usual.

Still looking for my creativity. I got some fabric out for a pyjama bottoms but it still sits on my desk. I bought new cushion covers for the living room and altered them from square to rectangle to fit our cushion fillings. 

In the meantime, sewing a boxy patchwork pencil case made with fabric made from 1.5 inch squares I have been cutting from tiny fabric scraps I accumulated. I just needed to make something!

Watching the Great British Sewing Bee. Do you watch it? I haven't got a favourite contestant yet.

Also watching Life after Life on the BBC. I loved the novel by Kate Atkinson but I am unsure about the TV adaptation. The children during Ursula's early childhood(s) are acted by children much older. Ursula was born in 1910. In 1918, when she pushed Bridget down the stairs to avoid the Spanish flu coming into the house (for the fourth time) she is 8 years old but is played by a girl clearly in her teenage years. Maybe I need to just let this wash over me?

Walking daily, usually with an audio book or a podcast for company.

Wondering how long it takes to form a habit? Does it take longer to form a good habit or a bad habit? Is it just the same? Asking for a friend.

Eating home-made pizza, the last of the purple sprouting broccoli and the first of salad leaves from the garden. 

Cooking asparagus risotto. It is British asparagus season and although pricey, we make the best of it while we can

Listening to "The flight of the Aphrodite" by S.J. Morden. A space adventure that I really enjoyed although listening was uncomfortable at times. Human nature is not always pleasant. I think I am in a space adventure / space opera reading phase. 

Feeling sad for James because the Sprint Gala was cancelled and he now can't have his 100 metre sprint debut. 

Looking out into the garden from my desk. The dark greens are soothing to my eye and soul. 

Counting the quincelets on my tiny quince tree. Dozens. We'll see how many will make it through to October.  

Settling-in Rascal, my friend's black cat. He will be living with us for a while, until she has found a place to call home in Glasgow. Some standoffs between Jack and Rascal but they are slowly getting used to each other. 

Feeling happy that Sam is moving back this weekend.

Surprised that it is almost June.

Thanks for visiting, I hope life is ticking along nicely for you 😊


  1. A tiny bit of overwhelm here, which is really life as normal. Disappointing about the lack of orchid help. I have put my jewel orchid cuttings into some compost in the hope that they will root. I used a bit of hormone rooting powder. I am hopeful for one of them, I shall let you know if it takes off. That's a lovely clematis, and a gorgeous shot of Jack. I can't imagine Bertie putting up with a cat, Jack is a star. Around three weeks for a new habit I reckon. They are hard to establish! The good ones, anyway. I have watched a couple of episodes of the Great British Sewing Bee, also no favourite yet. CJ xx

  2. No Sewing Bee favourite here yet either! I imagine a bad habit is much quicker to pick up than a good one! That pizza looks delicious and I love asparagus risotto, although I usually chuck in some spinach as well, just because. Someone left a comment on my blog recommending diluted essential eucalyptus oil to deter fungus gnats. I've ordered some and will let you know if it's effective. xx

  3. Your homemade pizza is beautiful, Christina. I have homemade pizza on next week's meal plan but always get a bit nervous rolling out the dough!

    With love from,
    Kelly (Mrs. Kiwi)

  4. I always think of you when I see a quince tree! That pizza looks amazing. We watch the sewing bee on catch up on a Thursday when my mum comes for the afternoon (slowly working its way into the evening from about 3 - 8pm) I like the Romanian guy, he seems to have a kind soul, good sewing skills and some creativity. Jo xx

  5. I like Rascal and of course Jack. No sewing bee here but watch lots of train shows lol Yum pizza. Must get a good habit here but keep lapsing. 😀😀

  6. I have never watched the Sewing Bee as we have no TV or licence to watch on iPlayer. I loved reading Life after Life, I love Kate Atkinson I am sorry to hear that the adaptation is not true to the story I find that frustrating.

    I have no idea how long it takes to form a habit but I would say it would take a while a few weeks if not months. I would also say that it will only become a habit if you want it to hear and soul. If we tell ourselves we need to form a habit because someone else has suggested it or we believe it will be good for us (again most probably because of something that someone has has said) then I don't believe that it will that easy to establish said thing as a habit.

  7. Lovely post! Your flower photos are marvelous, it just shows how a flower hangs on to its beauty from bud to fading away petals. Pizza looks might good, too :)

  8. Risotto has become a firm favourite here. Asparagus risotto sounds very tasty.

  9. I am enjoying Sewing Bee, at the moment Brogan is my favourite. I have just finished reading Life after Life and although it was very well written, I found it a bit depressing Ursula dying so many times so I won't be bothering watching the TV adaptation. With regards to the habit forming I think it would depend on whether it was a habit you enjoy or one that you feel you should be doing.

  10. Life is great, thanks. You sound like things are going well. I like hearing about your entertainment. It's different over there than what I watch in California.

  11. We have recently been making risotto using the more traditional green peas. However, we do like asparagus (a lot) and since it's been on sale, perhaps on the menu very soon. We like to make homemade pizza and also have a way-too-large cast iron pan (is there such a thing?) Nice of you and family to give Rascal a temporary home and a new playmate for Jack 😉 As to your question about the time needed to form good vs. bad habits it isn't something I have ever really thought about, but I would suspect that good habits would take longer to overcome the former bad ones.

  12. I love the photo of Jack, I'll always love any cat photo... beautiful. Your pizza looks good, we used to make our own but have relied on shop ones for too long now x


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