Wednesday, 29 June 2022


In the nick of time, just before we move into July....

Starting the week (and every week) with a tidy desk. Tidy desk, tidy mind?

Taking one hour at the time this week, or should I say one Zoom meeting at the time?

Loving the wilderness that is our garden, front and back. If only I could share the scent of the rambling roses and the humming of the pollinators with you. It really is a multi-sensory experience. 

Hoping for some good weather. Looking at the forecast, it looks like wishful thinking.

Pulling my hair out because of Alistair's attitude to his possessions. In June, he has lost his body warmer, his football, his bank card, his school lunch card, his school tie and possibly a couple of things that I am not aware of yet.

Buying new bedlinen, a welcome luxury. 

Almost finishing a pair of new pyjama bottoms. I used the Closet Core Carolyn pyjama pattern for these, shortening them by 9 cm. I forgot to buy the all important elastic for the waist band and can't now wear the bottoms until it arrives. 

Introducing a regimented feeding routine for the felines. Both Lupin and our lodger Rascal have special dietary needs but not the same. Also, Lupin likes to graze, Rascal loves to binge (no food bowl is safe from him).

Harvesting the first basil leaves. I have two varieties on my window sill, a small leaved very fragrant one and a common variety but also quite fragrant. It adds flavour to the tasteless red globes that sell as tomatoes here. 

Enjoying the berry season. Berries do well in Scotland. Our raspberries are abundant and juicy sweet. 

Food prepping for my lunches. If I don't, I don't eat. This week it is quinoa with cucumber, tomato, pepper and onion, with a lemony salad dressing. I love the nutty crunch that quinoa offers when it is not overcooked.

Going out for Sunday brunch with our friend visiting from Canada. It was wonderful to have him stay with us for a few days (but we missed his wife, who couldn't join us).

Still walking daily but feeling a bit bored with my usual routes. The options are limited if I want to walk off road and not use a car to go places. 

Looking forward to our holiday. It is still a long time in the future but as we know, time passes quickly. 

Feeling grateful for your visits and comments. 

Thanks for visiting 😊


  1. Gorgeous pics of the flowers and the dog looks really comfy. I've just read dogs need 12 to 14 hours sleep each day, I didn't know that!

  2. I do love a bit of wildness in the garden. I have all sorts of flowers in the grass at the moment and my neighbour's garden is rewilding itself, bit by bit. The other side is waged in a war against everything living and has decimated all of the greenery in the whole of the back lane. I am working up to Having A Word. Always lovely to see Jack on a handmade quilt, it is his natural backdrop for me now! CJ xx

  3. Gorgeous photos and I feel your pain about tomatoes. So often tasteless. My tomato harvest is very poor this year. It might be because I’ve used peat free compost? Well done on the tidy desk and the walking. I’m wishing you a little sunshine but I know it’s usually in short supply. Enjoy your holiday when it comes around. B x

  4. Your garden sounds heavenly. I too am going for the wilderness leave to itself look in the front garden, the back garden is slightly more tamed than that.

    I am sorry to hear about Alistairs way with possessions, I know a few other teenagers who are like that, sounds very frustrating for you and expensive.

    I hear you on tomatoes although I have been buying some British ones over the past few weeks and they are totally delicious, little pops of summer flavour in your mouth.

    Hope the weather is not as forecast......

  5. I have a small leaved/leafed ?? lemon basil which is lovely in salads. The weather has not been that great here really but I snatch sunny days to take photos of the world. Andy cut his hay tonight so that MUST mean that we are going to have warm weather! Jo xx

  6. I love that pink rose with the rain or dew glistening on it. When my kids were teenagers I think they suffered more with floordrobe syndrome than losing things but I feel your frustration.
    Berries are doing well here too especially the gooseberries and blackberries, probably the best crop ever this year. Have a great week x

  7. It's always nice to see your end of month catch-ups, Christina. Your yard does look like a lovely retreat. I wondered if the pollinators might present a problem for sitting outdoors while they re going about their pollinating. A tidy desk is what I strive for weekly when dusting everyone off comes around. Living in an old mill nothing ever stays dust free for under 48 hours it seems. Hopefully, Alistair's penchant for losing things will end soon as it must be frustrating for him as well. Looking forward to vacation is always a nice thing.

  8. First of all... the canal boat :-))) so beautiful... just for dreaming... above all from vacation... the glory!!
    Well, I don't want to complain, we have great weather and I'm going to have visitors from up north in 14 days... I'm already looking forward to that.
    I'm also happy to see your pajama pants... I also sewed pants plus matching tops... yay :-)))
    Enjoy your walks... Being outside is the best.
    Hug of Viola

  9. So lovely to come here and see what you have been doing. I am on long road trek and blogger not playing fair so hard to do posts lol Keep well 😀😀


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