Returning to work was a shock to the system but I a knuckling down and just get on with it. Having forgotten my July post I thought I'd write an early August post instead

Enjoying the summer heat, not something we experience often in Scotland. Of course now it is raining again and a bit on the chilly side but I loved the summer while it lasted.

Walking down the lanes and streets in the Westend of Glasgow, always nice to explore previously unfamiliar streets

Working on Eadie's leaving home quilt. It is slow going, I find it difficult to decide which fabric rectangles to stitch together to create a harmonious overall look. 

Also stitching my own Ice Cream Soda quilt, this one by hand. I was overly ambitious with cutting out blocks to take on holiday and have still a few left to to make. 

Wearing my Emerson Pants all the time. I love these wide-legged cropped trouser very much, even though they have an elasticated back waistband, something I usually avoid. They were so quick to sew, I am tempted to make a second pair. I used Ramie fabric for these, which I learn is made from a plant related to nettle. It feels similar to linen but is a bit more textured. 

Rotating the Emerson Pants with the Tilly and the Buttons Bobbi Skirt, which I also love. It is a simple button down skirt for which I used a lightweight dark denim and silver buttons. 

Thinking that I should really photograph the garments I made to show you all

Celebrating Jack's eight birthday. He enjoyed his fried egg breakfast

Packing for my next trip, this time to Copenhagen for a big conference. I am quite excited about this because it is rare for so many people interested in parasites to congregate in one place. Chances are that I won't be talking to anyone all week because I am not a confident networker but I will try.

Feeling mortified because I accidentally pressed the emergency button on the SafeZone app that we are encouraged to download when booking work travel insurance. On a positive note, campus security called me back within 30 seconds of cancelling the emergency to make sure I was ok. 

Making pesto with homegrown basil and using it straightaway mixed into penne and a large handful of green beens cooked in the pasta water

Enjoying dinner with all four children. This is a rare occurrence now that two are proper adults. Richard made a delicious lasagna for the occasion.

Dancing with joy because schools are back!

Noticing the first leaves turning colourful. I am not ready for that.

Listening to "The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo" by Taylor Jenkins Reid and book 7 in the DCI Matilda Darke crime series by Michael Wood. 

Enjoying both!

Catching up with blog reading, slowly but steadily. I have a lot of catching up to do but will get there eventually.

On that note, I am signing off for the evening. Thanks for visiting 😊


  1. As always your life sounds ultra busy. Happy birthday to Jack. And super envious about your trip to Copenhagen. Not the parasite bit you understand just the city lol. Good to see a bit more of Glasgow. B x

  2. Hi Christina, have been reading your lovely blog for some time and thought it was about time to introduce myself! I'm Diana, originally from Derbyshire but living in Barcelona for the last 37 years. I work as an English teacher, I'm married with a 31 year old son who's also a teacher. Love Reading your blog, you always put a smile on my face, you have a lovely family! I also enjoy hearing about your adventures in academia! Unfortunately I don't have my own blog but who knows in the future. Greetings from Barcelona!! xxx

  3. Are there any rules to -ing posts? I feel I might like to try one. Bertie would be SO envious of that fried egg breakfast, eggs are one of his absolute favourite things. Yolks are off the menu now he is low fat though. Happy birthday to Jack, I always love seeing him. The conference sounds excellent. I pressed a pendant emergency button in my late father's flat recently while saying, 'I wonder if this works?' It did, also a very quick response time. CJ xx

  4. You life sounds as full and busy as mine was last month Christina. Our holidays have a little bit longer to run but they do feel like they have whizzed by. I had high hopes of lots of long lazy days but that was wishful thinking. I have lost the ability to see the bigger picture, something I had seriously honed before lockdowns, I am working on getting it back. Your trip to Copenhagen sounds lovely, I do hope you get some time to explore the place, I would love to visit Denmark.

  5. Jack looks very happy about his fried egg. My husband would be very envious, they are the only thing that he misses since turning vegan!
    Enjoy Copenhagen; it's on my bucket list but maybe if you take lots of photos (I'll pass on the parasites! :O) ), I can live vicariously.
    My daughter once accidentally activated the SOS button on her phone before disappearing into the London Underground. It took a photo front and back - L looking over her shoulder - noted her location and alerted us. We called the Met police who were absolutely useless and did squat diddly, despite a very specific description and location. Luckily, she then emerged and received our frantic calls.
    Yes please to photos of clothes. xx

  6. Whenever I read about a blogger sewing garments I'm filled with admiration and a little envy - at school I was put off needlework of any kind by an over strict, impatient teacher, a familiar tale for many I'm sure! However I can just about sew a straight seam using a sewing machine and having treated myself recently to a new machine I'm planning a small patchwork quilt.
    Autumn is certainly going to be early, although in August there are often the signs aren't there?
    Alison in Wales x

  7. In all of that, I am most taken with a dog eating an egg. 🤓

  8. Hi Christina, Lovely to see your Summer. I have had the best summer here in the UK, glad you had good weather in Scotland! Enjoy your family dinners together, we finally got to reunite post Covid with our whole family and when I eventually get to see the Crazy Poodle I think he deserves a fried egg too! Happy Wanderings in Copenhagen. Wren x

  9. I like this one
    "Thinking that I should really photograph the garments I made to show you all"

    YES YES :)
    I'd love to see what you make.

  10. Hasn't the summer gone quickly this year. Kids back at school before they knew it! Ooh, my hubby has been to several conferences in Copenhagen and very much enjoyed exploring the city when not working. He would highly recommend hiring a bike during your stay as it is a beautiful city to cycle round and explore.

    Love your back lanes of the West End photos. I'm sure I wandered all of these when I was a student staying in Hyndland many moons ago.

  11. Glad things are going well and as usual you are busy and creative at the same time! Always amazes me how much you seem to accomplish! Have a great school year!

  12. I know what you mean about being overly ambitious when on holiday. I took things with me to do when we went away and very little of it got done :-) Pretty coloured leaves but a few more weeks before the season changes would be nice.
    Glad Jack enjoyed his birthday treat.

  13. I am not ready for colourful leaves yet, either. Happy Birthday Jack! Xx

  14. I love your photographs of the old buildings in Glasgow’s West End. We should visit again to explore the city further. Kate has just read that Seven Husbands book and liked it so I’ll give it ago too. Enjoy your trip to Copenhagen! Xx Doris

  15. Such a lovely and early end of month catching up, Christina, and a fun read too. Yes, it would be great to see your homemade clothing and how wonderful and comfy they sounded. Belated birthday congrats sent to Jack on #8. Wishing you safe travels and happy networking on the upcoming Denmark trip. Enjoyed seeing the vintage Glasgow architecture.


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