No rest of the wicked I am afraid. I am hurtling through the busiest two weeks of my winter term at breakneck speed and the thought of if makes me feel weak but I have managed to get to the end of the first day without major hiccups. Physically, I am feeling better than last week but I still have a sore throat and a fluffy head. 

Celebrating Sam's 22nd birthday. We enjoyed a meal out at Mother India, an all time favourite with a small menu that makes it easier for the indecisive (fussy) eater (me) to choose. I chose a vegetable thali, which was delicious. There is enough left to have at least one more lunch.

Cheering James on from a distance. He was running at the British Athletics Cross Challenge in Liverpool, together with 31 running club friends (and six coaches). I had no idea it was a proper big sporting event... but thought of it of some friendly race down in England. I am extremely proud of James for putting himself out there even though he was at the bottom of his category.

Having my nails done with Annie. This was only the second time in my life that I had my nails done in a salon and it was obvious. I didn't have clue. All those decisions to make. Acrylic? Gel? Shape? Length? Colour? Matt? Shiny? With art? French? Eh?? I ended up with (my own) very short, rounded elephant grey nails, which I am told are going to last two to three weeks. I didn't quite have the guts for black (which I liked on a friend). For good measure I also had booked to have my toenails done. I felt self conscious about my hairy big toes and waxed them beforehand. Painful. 

Feeling sorry for Jack. He doesn't understand why he can't go out chasing squirrels and explore the woods. He has recovered well from his tooth extraction but has another 4 weeks of prescribed rest for his leg injury. 

Knitting socks. I finished a silky smooth pair for myself and have now started on a gift pair. 

Listening to "The Ghost Woods" by C.J. Cooke and "Forever Home" by Graham Norton. I loved both.

Looking forward to my trip to Malawi in January, now that flights and accommodation have been booked. 

Pulling my hair out because there are currently 13 single socks. This is after raiding the boys wardrobes and making them crawl under the bed and behind sofas to find potential missing socks. I don''t miss a single sock myself, nor does Richard. Maybe the teenagers eat them. They are always so hungry, I wouldn't be surprised at all. 

Buying not one, not two but three pairs of new glasses in November. Eye care is an expensive business!

Watching birds when I should be working. 

Finally returning to book group. I missed three meetings due to travel and work commitments. I ate too many crisps and drank too much white wine. We also talked about the book - "Hex" by Jenny Fagan, which I didn't like. I loved Jenny Fagan's previous books so felt a bit disappointed. It was also very short and I am most definitely a fan of epic tales.

Not even mentioning cooking... I am utterly uninspired in the kitchen and I don't really know what I want to eat. The boys eat so much random food throughout the day that they also don't know what they want for dinner, which doesn't help. I might need to return to menu planning and just cook what is on the list. 

But looking after my Christmas cake diligently. It is due a drizzle of Calvados tomorrow. 

And that's it all. Thank you for visiting. One of these days I will have time to visit your own blogs AND write a comment. I am trying, I really am. 


  1. You sound very busy Christina. Hope the last two weeks of term go well for you and that you have a rest after that. X Doris

  2. Good for James for running the race regardless of the outcome. And good for you for being supportive and happy about it.

  3. Well done James, he's doing really well with his running. Poor Jack, it is prime squirrel season out there at the moment I feel. Hopefully he is mending well. I put lots of sunflower seeds and some meal worms out for the birds today so I am hoping to be watching them tomorrow as well. I know exactly what you mean about the kitchen. I am very uninspired when it comes to making the evening meal. And almost nothing ever pleases everyone. The middle boy is the king of the sarcastic, 'Oh GOOD,' when I make certain things. CJ xx

  4. I'm so glad you're feeling a little better now. It's never easy juggling work and family life at the best of times, but it especially difficult when you're not 100%.
    Congratulations to James on his achievement. You must feel very proud of him. X

  5. You certainly have a lot going on. I remember those days when my kids were young and we were rushing from event to event while trying to keep up with work and home. Now I am retired and my kids are grown and sometimes I miss those busy days! Other days - I enjoy relaxing! :)

  6. My cake is in its component parts. Fruit is all soaked and I have everything else but haven't had a long enough stint from not being a teenage taxi this weekend to make it. Great to catch up. Love the first photo. X

  7. The end of the year seems hectic at best for so many people, Christina, and yours seems the same. Hope that your and your family have a wonderful and very happy holiday season.


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