Saturday, 21 January 2023

January ... ing

Isn't January a long month? So far it has been a whirlwind of life and it is likely to be full on until the very last day. 

Organising all sorts of things for my trip to Malawi. The visa application was a bit hairy but I got there in the end. I think I am just about ready to go. 

Except... re-writing lectures for Tuesday morning. I offered to do some additional teaching but didn't expect it to be quite so much and not on my first morning there. Alas. I like to tailor my teaching to the audience. I probably spend far too much time worrying about things like that. Annie who just corrected a transcript of my last live class tells me that I apologise a lot for things (like unstable internet connections and asking difficult questions).

Wondering what the weather is going to be like in Malawi. My local colleague says it is raining dogs and cats and that it has cooled down with the rains. I'll pack for a wet warm Scottish summer. 

Enjoying every extra minute of daylight I get every single day. 

Admiring fungi. Such amazing organisms. Good time of year to spot them on the bare branches of trees.

Spending a fortune on running shoes. Teenage feet grow too fast for my budget. We have two over-pronators that need well fitted shoes that keep them stable when running. No budget Decathlon shoes for them unfortunately. 

Also spending a fortune on physiotherapy for James (whose ankle I ruined with said budget Decathlon running shoes). Some things just can't wait for an NHS self referral. 

Feeling excited for Annie who has an interview next week for a year of study abroad. 

Having a proud mother moment when listening to Sam's practice presentation for his Honours project report. I didn't understand much of it at all (him training to be software engineer) but I could tell it is an ambitious project and he presented well and within the time limit given (my pet peeve number 12 - people that overrun their time for talks).

Eating empire biscuits that Annie baked while in Glasgow because of jury duty. She was dismissed after two days of thumb twiddling. The biscuits are truly the best empire biscuits known to humankind.

Feeling glamorous wearing my new bright green wide leg trousers (which I didn't make). The trousers are fit for a film star. I might never wear jeans again. 

Thinking about climate activism after listening to Science in Action on the BBC World Service. I am not much of an activist, even find strike action difficult to cope with. Maybe something to work on?

Listening to Lark Ascending by Silas House. I am circling back to dystopian literature. 

Reading (on my Kindle) Unsettled Ground by Claire Fuller 

Sewing jogging bottoms and a key hole blouse (wardrobe essential posts to come)

With that, I'll leave you to enjoy the rest of your day. Thanks for visiting today 🙂


  1. Enjoy the impending trip. I hope the remuneration is enough to cover those running shoes.

  2. You have certainly captured the beautiful of nature around you. This photos are marvelous.

  3. Sounds like you are well prepared for the upcoming trip, Christina, and will you be going solo on this one? If so, a nice escape for you. Shoes can be costly no matter the type and the best ines always more so. Fungi are quite interesting sights.

  4. I hope the weather in Malawi improves when you get there. I am obsessed with fungi grow on trees like that. I am also pointing it out to my kids on hikes.

  5. Good to hear you're all set for the Malawi trip. those trousers sound fab! Can empathise with the physio costs. I found one who does home visits and she's worked wonders. On the dog.

  6. Good luck to Annie with her interview. And have a safe trip Christina!

  7. Hope you have a great time in Malawi Christina, whatever the weather. Well done Sam and the very best of luck to Annie. Hope the interview goes well. Our son did a year of study in Sydney,Australia with his chemistry Masters degree.
    Look forward to seeing you sewing projects for 2023. Take care x

  8. I will be tuning in for Malawi news soon. I love Fungi and have a little art book with photos of ones I used to take on my old SLR camera -you know pre-kids. Wild 10 mile walks with my SLR and then I put the prints in a little notebook and researched the names. Ah those were the days with time to fill!!! Jo x

  9. Another very full month by the sounds of it. Good luck with your trip away and we’ll done to your family with all their achievements..good to have proud moments. B x


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