Friday, 27 January 2023

wardrobe essentials 2023 - lounge wear (aka jogging bottoms)

I made a pair of jogging bottoms, the kind that keeps your legs warm. I don't wear jogging bottoms often, in fact, I didn't own any until just recently. I had a sudden and somewhat mysterious "need" for lounge wear. I wear clothes or pyjamas and lounge wear has not featured in my wardrobe so far but I have worn my jogging bottoms a lot since making them so maybe a good choice of garment. 

They are supersoft and snugly but a bit unattractive, as most jogging bottoms are. I took one photo wearing them but decided to spare you the sight.

I used the Plateau Jogger pattern by Closet Core. The construction is not as straightforward as I assumed it would be but with clear instructions, it was not complicated either. I also had a useful tips and tricks video because I bought pattern and fabric and notions as a kit, the Sewing Society Kit from Guthrie & Ghani. 

What is a bit unusual in the construction is the pocket insertion. They are described as wrap around pockets but the pockets don't wrap around in any way, so a puzzling description. There is no side seam where the pockets are placed you can see on one one of the photos above. There are also two patch pockets on the bum.

I made the version with the fabric cuffs. There is an elasticated hem version if you prefer. The the fabric cuffs remind me of children's pyjamas, the kind I used to buy for my children when they were little and very cute. A sentimental choice I suppose.

The waistband elastic should be held in place with two rows of horizontal stitches all the way round but I didn't like doing all that stretching and sewing so did four short vertical lines of stitches front, back and sides to keep the elastic in place and stop it from flipping. Much quicker and just as effective.

The fabric is a fleeceback denim blue sweatshirting fabric with you might remember from the hoodie I made and share on my wardrobe 2022 round up post. It has a marled effect, giving the colour depth. Of course I have been wearing the bottoms with the hoodie, looking like a 1980s style icon (not). 

Closet Core patterns are size inclusive and there are some really good patterns on their website. I've made a few, for example the Clare coat and the Carolyn pyjamas. I quite fancy the Mitchell trousers or the Bianca flight suit. As I am writing, the company has launched a monthly subscription with a new pattern released for subscribers every month. 

At the off chance of sounding middle aged, this annoys me. Cashmerette, another indie pattern designer I like introduced a similar monthly subscription last year. I fancied one of the patterns but it was only available for club members. It was really just a variation of one of their previous patterns, the Concord t-shirt but with a square neck,  an adaptation I could easily make without buying a pattern if only I was not so lazy. So I joined the club with the aim to cancel the subscription after one month. Did I cancel? No, of course not. I have now got 5 patterns that I have no intention of making because they are not very exciting, just variations on a theme. I don't know where I am going with this... I guess the take home message is that I don't want to join a club to get a pattern and I don't need a new pattern every month. That's me finished complaining.

Take home message? A pair of jogging bottoms is practical and I am glad I made them. Not all garments have to be glamorous!

I have written this post a couple of weeks ago, just pressing publish while still in Malawi. I'll share some of that experience next week.

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  1. It's not really important what the jogging bottoms look like, Christina, as long as they are comfortable to wear and these look to fit the bill. Also, the addition of back pockets should be useful. Hope that all is going well in Malawi and looking forward to your future posts.

  2. The look so comfy, that is important especially when you gone to all that effort of making them yourself. Enjoy their comfiness.

  3. Congratulations jogging bottoms..Most important good for you comfortable to use,greetings from anna

  4. A lovely job as ever, I bet they are scrumptiously cosy and comfy. Annoying about the pattern clubs. I hope you are enjoying Malawi and that the work is going well. I shall look forward to hearing about it. No chance of such exotic work travel for me. CJ xx

  5. They look great.. I am in constant awe of your talent.

  6. Cosy joggers and I bet they have been needed in the last few weeks. It's been quite nippy of late.
    Hope everything is/has gone well in Malawi for you.

  7. Good to know you are getting back on the sewing wagon. I like the look of the Mitchell trousers too. Jo x

  8. Belated catchup Great joggers so comfy looking


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