Ticking off another reasonably successful (i.e. not terribly disastrous) teaching term. Always a relief. Three weeks to get in gear for the next one, my busiest term. 

Winding down for a week of holiday, coinciding with James' and Alistair's first week of the spring break. I had so many plans for us, like visit Venice or climb a Munro but it looks like we are not doing much at all other than mundane things like buying trainers and clothes and having a dental check-up. To spice things up, we might excavate the boys bedrooms. We are running short of cutlery and I have a hunch some of it might be in a boy cave.

Listening to the last in the DCI Gilchrist series by T.F. Muir, The Murder List. Not my favourite crime series but also not the worst I have listened to. I also listened to Making History by Stephen Fry, which I loved. 

Recording our monthly podcast. I was presenting a study and a case, hopefully not too badly. I have terrible imposter syndrome as the newest and least experienced host. 

Quilting a quilt that has been waiting to be quilted for a long time. I forgot to use the walking foot and it shows.... I am currently undecided if it bothers me enough to unpick it all (I am 3/4 done). 

Putting the final touches on the Patina Blouse by Friday Pattern Company. I always procrastinate over sewing the buttons on. 

Starting a new project, a denim jacket. I am making the Sorrento Jacket by Sew Over It.

Eating too many banana and chocolate chip muffins. I made 12 for lunch boxes and ate 3. In one day. Also eating too many hot cross buns. 

Loving the big bunches of daffodils on our kitchen table. They bring me joy. 

Dreading a week of cooking dinner every day while Richard is away to enjoy a week of cycling somewhere warm. I already feel a bit edgy

Wondering if I could turn this into a positive by encouraging James and Alistair to choose a simple meal each and cook it. 

Feeling cheated out of an hour of precious weekend after the clocks changed to summertime. I didn't get that hour back last autumn because I was in the US, where clocks changed on a different date. 

Sorting through a drawer here and a box there, slowly working my courage up to tackle the drawer of doom that no longer closes properly. Do you have one of those? 

Taking a large amount of no longer loved clothes, books and assorted bits and bobs to our local charity shop.

Finding a half knitted jumper when sorting through my yarn box. Something to do for the next few weeks, once I figured out where in the pattern I am. 

Waiting to be matched with a mentee. I have completed my mentor training and I am cleared to work with children. I am a bit nervous. 

Enjoying the weekly volunteering sessions. I constructed a log pile sanctuary for small woodlands creatures from fallen tree branches and leaf litter (it is bigger than it looks). We continue to plant hedgerows (hawthorn, blackthorn and dog rose) for as long as we can where we cleared the woodland borders from invasive snowberry shrubs. It is getting a bit late in the season. We also sowed masses of different meadow seed mixes. We missed the autumn sewing window because the sites weren't cleared but the species that do not need prolonged frosts for germination will still do well. We can re-seed in autumn. Eco-restoration cannot be rushed. 


  1. Your listING is very complete. What you choose to overeat is pretty safe stuff. Your cat looks so much like ours. The harlequin tabby is a fairly ubiquitous look, but it’s very pretty.

  2. Looks like a lot if happening. I am 100% on board with you having the boys cook.
    Looking forward to see ho all your stitching projects turn out.

  3. Love the logpile sanctuary and I was fascinated by the podcast, how lovely to see and hear you. And learn a little about parasites! Eating three fresh muffins in a single day is completely normal. Restrained, even. Twelve would be gone in a blink in this house. You are very lucky to have someone doing some cooking in your house. I am permanently edgy about it all. Glad you have three weeks until the next lots of teaching, I hope you are able to find a little time for yourself in there somewhere. And yes, I do have a drawer of doom. In fact, everyone in the house has one I think. Have a lovely week, CJ xx

  4. Only one drawer of doom. I think I have several…oops. Love it when you find an unfinished garment. Hope you work out where you were. I definitely would have a cooking competition and get those boys busy. They need to take over the reins I think. I’m off to listen to that podcast while I enjoy looking at your lovely photos. Your kitty is so sweet. There is no such thing as eating too many muffins :) B x

  5. I have both drawers and cupboards that I need to attack and keep putting off dealing with. One bit at a time is definitely the way to go for me before I scare myself silly with the prospect.
    Good plan to get Alistair and James into the kitchen to try some cooking. Brilliant life skills for them tp pick up there :-)
    Fantastic cosy looking log pile home for some little woodland critters. It is lovely to see the woodland restoration that you and the other volunteers are doing Christina

  6. Looks like a productive month, great pics as always.

  7. Hiya Christina, Hope you are onto spring in good spirits. Our holidays always feel a bit like yours but when the children were young I could appease them with mindless small trips to parks and the like but now they actually want to go places! We are off to Chester for a 3 day girls break. I have been putting off both cutting out my denim jacket and putting together a quilt due to work sewing but I have some time off over Easter so I will crack on with one or both of those projects. x

  8. You have been busy! I don't know how you manage to juggle so much. I'll see your chocolate and banana muffins, and raise you three chocolate brownies :)

  9. Arh Jack, he always gets cozy. Your daffodils are so cheery, they always bring a smile. You've had a busy month, it's always good to catch up with you. Take care, Cx

  10. These end of month posts are always interesting to read, Christina, as are the photos. Jack always looks so relaxed and those daffodils would make me happy too. Sounds like a great idea to get the boys cooking simple meals and get you out of preparing all the dinners. Hope the missing cutlery shows up during the room purge. Getting things together to give away is always a good feeling here as well. I will check out the podcast you mentioned to see if it's available here as well.


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