spinning heads and spinning plates

I often say this here, but don't you think time is flying? I sometimes wonder if I skip a day or two without noticing. 

I am still feeling a little "funny" after an episode of severe vertigo on Friday. I get this occasionally, most unpleasant and probably something to do with my inner ears. Usually, I just ignore the vertigo but on this occasion, I found it difficult. I stopped work early and went for a walk. Fresh air is cheap medicine. For distraction, I popped into the nail studio on Queen Margaret Drive and had my nails done in teal. I had a pleasant chat with another customer, a retired journalist. For further distraction and because I deserve it, I stopped by a small shop called A Fond Kiss and bought a pair of silver earrings to replace lost ones. On my way back home I stopped by a neighbourhood cafe for a cuppa and resting the head. I eventually returned home, with the vertigo still in my head. I am going to see my GP next week and ask for a referral to an ENT specialist for an opinion.

I felt well enough for my Saturday volunteering. We had planned to continue the tree planting in a nearby park, adjacent to small primary school. It was the children and their adult helpers that had started the monumental task of creating a small woodland area, with 350 saplings planted about ten days ago. We were going to finish planting the area up the steeper slopes in the park. Alas, upon arrival, we were met with a scene of destruction. Someone (caught on camera, humans) with a great deal of anger destroyed the entire planting site, pulling up saplings, smashing the protective sleeves and braking the supporting stakes. It took the entire morning to clear up the mess. So much destruction. We didn't replant, just collected all the debris. There were very few saplings still rooted. I am lost for words. 

Home a bit earlier than usual, I spent the afternoon working on a blouse I am making. A little later, I realised with some surprise that I am actually done, just the button holes to make. I'll be taking some photos next week. I found cute little buttons in my trusted button jar. 

I have been given notice to vacate my office to accommodate a new admin hub. It seems that as senior lecturer, I do no longer qualify for a permanent desk but I suppose I don't use my office much so shouldn't be a annoyed as I am. I can't really hotdesk, moving around my microscope and slide collections, plus countless books so will need to find some storage space for the the equipment at least. The books I'll keep at home. Like any respectable scientist and teacher, I have many. So today, I spent some time reorganising my little room at the back of the house, clearing up shelf space for books. I was surprised how much space I managed to free up. I'll ask Richard to search his workshop for coat hooks to fix to the back of the door to hang up the now packed away tripod and other bits and bobs. 

When I was done with all that reorganising, I traced the pattern pieces for my denim jacket and listened to a book. 

Sam came for quick visit and brought me a bunch of tulips and a soft salty pretzel for mother's day. I love a soft salty pretzel. Annie sent me a sweet card and messaged a photo of her and a friend just coming out of the North Sea in honour of the strong mothers in their life. James sent me a text from his residential school trip to wish me a lovely day. Alistair meanwhile had all forgotten about mother's day but agreed to hoover the stairs as a special gift. 

We are having a roast chicken for dinner. All in all, a good Sunday.


  1. Pointless destruction sends me into a mental tailspin. I am unable to process the thought of living around such 'humans'. Sick

  2. I hope you manage to sort your office equipment and storage issues. I mentioned your tree situation to my husband as it sounded so sad. He instantly suspected dear, I googled it (as you do) and it said - The plastic makes them rabbit proof but the wood and cylinder metal fence mesh, protect the bark from dear. It seems the dear literally pull the young saplings out of the ground, if they aren't protected. All the best whatever caused it. Take care Cx

  3. That’s extremely dispiriting about your site being trashed. You have to know that it was done my males of a certain age. Sigh.

  4. Happy Mother’s Day, Christina. Love the teal nails! Hope the vertigo gets sorted soon. X Doris

  5. Oh Christina hope your vertigo gets sorted. That is so disgusting and upsetting with useless tree damage so sorry to read this. Happy Mothers day and can imagine you have a LOT of books : )

  6. M had a horrible vertigo episode as well a few weeks ago and he still has some residual vertigo. He's been to the ENT etc. Love to see those little buds on the trees.

  7. That's so terrible about the trees. How heartbreaking. What a malicious act. I hope you can get help for the vertigo. That sounds scary. Your photos are gorgeous. Sorry about your office. Glad you are sorting it out at home.

  8. Universities here ( Australia) can always find more room & money for admin & tech but fewer resources for actual teaching. Re your vertigo - a physiotherapist might help. Sometimes postural positioning of your head can help balance fluid within the inner ear. Helped me. Good luck.

  9. So sorry to hear about the vertigo; I have spent 4 years trying to quell mine, with some success (despite a brief reoccurrence this week). My 2 cents worth, get lots of second opinions, try a neurologist if the phisio and ENT can't help, and investigate migraine related conditions that lead to vertigo.

    cheers, Cecilia

  10. Time is flying, but I am quite happy to wait until the days brighten up a little before it begins to slow down. I'm totally fed up of this cold damp weather.
    I hope you find some sort of relief from your vertigo. I believe it is very unpleasant. Is it something you have suffered from for a while?
    And I am so very sorry to hear about the woodland area. I hope the children weren't too upset and that you might be able to look at planting more trees again at some time in the future. Xx

  11. Time is flying by at a rapid speed it seems. So sorry to hear about your vertigo. I've had it to some degree in the past and it usually came from allergies/sinus issues. My mother had a terrible time with it last summer. Her ENT doctor told her to use a steroid nasal spray and take Benadryl. The Benadryl really seemed to help her. I also took Benadryl when I had an issue and it helped me, as well.

  12. Oh I feel your pain on several fronts. How devastating about the trees and sad that you are booted out of your working space. Hope the vertigo has gone and well done about the blouse. I’m sure it was stress relieving B x

  13. I cannot understand the mindless destruction of all those saplings after all the hard work by the children and helpers. So sad.
    Hope you find enough space for all your work stuff. A bit of a pain having to store it at home but I can also see why they want your desk space.
    Wishing you a happier week Christina x

  14. Friday sounds lovely except for the vertigo!.
    How sad about the trees. It just beggars belief, what do they get out of this wanton destruction ?
    Hope the vertigo clears up soon,

  15. I am so very sorry to hear about the saplings, how very demoralising for everyone involved. Such mindless destruction. I am also sorry to hear about your vertigo, I do hope you get some answers soon, it sounds hard. Have you heard of labyrinthitis that can cause vertigo. Your sewing sounds lovely, I look forward to seeing your photos soon.

  16. How horrible to have all that planting destroyed. There are some lowlifes out there. A shame that you have been evicted from your office now that you are more senior. Seems all wrong. Very sorry that you're having vertigo, that can be very debilitating, I hope it is sorted for you very soon. Very envious that you got your stairs hoovered, how wonderful. CJ xx

  17. The vertigo sounds very uncomfortable, Christina, and hope you get a diagnosis and relief. My own experience with it was the result of a clogged ear and was unsettling as I recall. You did treat yourself well with the walk and earrings purchase­čśÇ

    That destruction of the saplings was horrendous and hopefully those responsible will be brought to task and made to repair and replace the damage they wrought. Senseless acts like this one never cease to confound me.

    After reorganizing a work space at home, you deserved a rest and a treat. Hopefully losing your desk at work won’t be too inconvenient.


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