It is that time of the month again, time to round up what has been happening through the month of May.

LOVING the warmer days and the long hours of daylight. Life is better when there is plenty of light.

but TRYING not to panic when I see the tiny pears on our tree, telling me it is going to be autumn again in just a few short months.

EATING fresh salad leaves from the garden, mixed with some round lettuce from the shops and a variety of vegetables thrown in for good measure. We also enjoy barbecued food, my favourite being asparagus wrapped with parma ham. Some squeaky halloumi and a plant based burger. Fruit that I actually like is starting to be in season, too. Food is so much more enjoyable during the lighter months. 

FEELING immensely pleased with my Lily of the Valley planting success. Almost all of the forced pips have come up, a bit later in the year than they would normally be flowering here. I hope they last for years and spread, too. 

CONTINUING my tortoise research. I think I have decided on a species. I am looking at our garden through the lens of a tortoise, trying to figure out where a good space would be for an outdoor enclosure with a warm retreat for cooler days. 

CLEANING the fridge. Properly with all things out. I like my fridge clean and tidy and not too full. I really can't stand a fridge full of condiments with questionable use by dates and assorted leftovers in tubs with ill fitting lids. 

WORKING too much. 

LISTENING to Ascension by Nicolas Binge. It is described as mind-bending speculative thriller but to be honest, it was neither mind-bending nor thrilling. I would say a solid 3 stars (out of 5). Also listening to Revelation Space by Alistair Reynolds (because space opera is always fun) but I gave up about halfway through because it was boring, everybody in the story is self-obsessed and annoying and the editing of the audio was awful. There was not even a breath-long space between sections, which made it difficult to follow. Now going back to the Foundling by Stacey Halls.

QUILTING Eadie's quilt again, I unpicked the first attempt because there was a lot of dragging. I realised yesterday, after having owned my new sewing machine for almost two years that I have been using the dual feed foot (walking foot) incorrectly, which explains why my quilting was a bit rubbish.

WISHING for a small house in the woods just for myself. I used up my life time allowance of "did you plan to put your breakfast bowl in the dish washer or did you think somebody else would do do it" phrases and need a break. 

MEETING friends for lunch and walks. I've been on three extended walks in May, planning more for June. Walking and talking is the way to go. Although meeting another friend for lunch was fun, too. 

PLANTING up a soft fruit and herb garden surrounding a community round bench with my volunteering group. 

KEEPING my fingers crossed for James' exam today.

SURVEYING our front meadow garden for plant biodiversity. I think I can count at least 14 species that are flowering or just about to. Not counting the spring flowers that have already formed seed heads. 

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  1. It is nice to see the lily-of-the-valley picture. I’m glad they are doing well. Whatever plant that second picture is, I like it

  2. It is lovely to have longer days and hopefully warmer ones too right now. Good luck in that search for 'a small house in the woods for one!!' Your front meadow garden is looking really good and I'm sure it is a haven for wildlife.
    Hmm maybe I should check my fridge and do the same!
    Good luck to James, hope the exam went ok.

  3. Fingers crossed here for James ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป
    You would hate the top shelf of my fridge, definitely a health hazard with many out of date condiments lol! Love the quilt and envious of your warmth. The suns out here but with a a very chilly gale blowing most of he time. B x

  4. id love a smaller house, I quite often dream of it :) Your pics are lovely again.

  5. I always enjoy your book recommendations! We have similar tastes in books.

  6. May looked good in your corner of the world. And those salad leaves look especially delicious.
    It must be an age thing, as I also find having a tidy fridge is tremendously satisfying. A new one for me this week is feeling the pop when pulling up a weed with it's roots still intact! :)

  7. Love this list-of-gerunds approach to documenting life. Inspiring. (Wishing for similar things, btw.) Thanks, will return soon.

  8. Your end of month wrap-ups are always enjoyable to read, Christina, even the not-so-fun parts like working too much and having to ask about the cereal dish. Thinking about a small house in the woods sounds lovely, but walking and meeting up with friends is likely more realistic now. We are eating lots of salads now, but alas have no grill for barbecued dinners, a downside of apt living. Glad to read that the tortoise research continues. I also recently listened to an audio book that was awful, but not the same title as yours. The story might have been improved if the female reader wasn't trying to do all the characters herself ranging from several women or various ages to several men, including a much older man.

  9. Brilliant biodiversity in your front garden. I have counted 12 types of flower in the tiniest patch of grass near here. Very concerned about the lack of rain though, all the saplings planted by the local authority are dying. I don't like fridge congestion either. And I would also like a calm, clean, quiet house somewhere, bliss. Hope you have a lovely Sunday. CJ xx

  10. Your flowers are looking lovely. I have discovered this instagram account @through.the.lleaves and she has a tiny pet tortoise and it is just the cutest.


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