Recovered (I think)

Thanks for all your kind messages, wishing me well. What a miserable week of ear infections and acne woes that was. You'll be pleased to read that I am much better. My ear infection has cleared up. My acne treatment is ongoing but it will be some time before this becomes apparent. 

In the meantime, I am trying to look less red on my Zooms. I found a filter that achieves that but makes me look like a three day old corpse. I have yet to decide what I find less disturbing - ruddy red or cadaverous pale. I'll play with lighting next. Maybe a ring light I can attach to my large screen? Back in the days when I was teaching in the lecture theatre, I never worried about stuff like that. All I needed to feel confident was good notes and my Doc Martens Mary Jane heels. Now, with everything recorded, I am less confident. I don't just worry about my appearance, I also spend a lot of time editing my audio recordings. On a positive note, on a visual representation of my recorded voice, I recognise intakes of breath with precision. Also the door bell and dog barks. A useful skill, yes? I'll add it to the skills section on my CV.

The first week of term is going well. I think. A few hiccups with our newly updated virtual learning environment and the usual proportion of students that do not read messages or announcements, or would prefer for these to be hand-delivered to their their homes, preferably written on parchment and sealed with wax. Maybe accompanied by an expressive dance. One student (a few years ago) asked me to communicate with their PA. I am not kidding. It may be not surprising that I often feel the urge to scream. Alas, the vast majority of students are really keen and engaged.

In other news, I am agonising over paint colours and degrees of matt-ness. "Deep fossil" or "natural slate"? On the colour chart, these are very similar shades of medium dark grey. The last time I saw a fossil, it was brownish beige and we have a slate roof, which looks nothing like "natural slate", it is a deep dark grey. To think that someone is probably paid to do market research on paint names. I assume the name is about the market appeal, rather than the actual colour. Me, I like HEX codes or RGB codes or descriptors like medium dark grey. The paint is destined to adorn our hallway walls. 

Finally, Jack has learned to levitate. I find him in all sorts of high places, looking for food. Unfortunately, he has not mastered coming down from high places yet. Imperfect levitation! I wonder if he is developing dog dementia, manifesting, for now, with stubbornness. Richard of course ridicules this idea, saying that trying to steal food is nothing new. That is true, but not to the extent he does now. Right now Jack is having a wee snooze after a busy early morning of raiding teen bedrooms, looking for cereal bowls and other assorted potentially edible things. 

I don't have many photos on my phone for the past few weeks, just a few random ones of splashes of colour in our garden. 

Thanks for visiting 🙂


  1. Glad to hear you are starting to feel so much better! The flower pictures are fun - the two pink ones don't look familiar at all!


  2. Good news on the recovery front, Christina, but not sure which look would be better -- ruddy red or cadaverous as neither sounds very appealing. The \splashes of color in your garden are lovely. A dog who levitates is quite interesting to read about.

  3. Lovely to see the colour in your garden even if it is historic. Jack’s antics made me laugh. They sound like our cats; maybe he’s turning into a cat. Glad things are improving on the health front. I don’t envy you all the recordings you have to make. B x

  4. Red seems to be a problem with digital. Sometimes a little desaturation will help a photo, but I have never zoomed, so I don't know what can be done.

  5. Pleased to hear that things are improving for you. Keep on getting well.

  6. I'm glad you're feeling better. Long may it last. Xx

  7. Glad to hear that the ear infections have cleared and I chuckled at your filter conundrum plus trying to avoid the barking dog and doorbell dings in your recordings! Yes paint colours are tricky we bought three tester pots before we found the perfect blue for Pip’s wall - now what to do with the unwanted tester pots!!

  8. Glad to know you are feeling better Christina. Earache alone is miserable enough. We are still working on painting our hall, stairs and landing but things have come to a bit of a halt as life just seems to have got in the way.
    Jack's adventures always raise a smile. Such a character :-)
    Thank you for sharing the colour in your garden. We have bright yellow Rudbeckia in our front garden, so can enjoy them evertime I look out there.
    Have a good week.
    B x

  9. Your garden looks beautiful. I think Lula has doggy dementia, too. It is harder to get her to relieve herself when I take her outside. It tests my patience. Good news about the ear infections.

  10. Glad you're feeling better. Your student woes made me laugh. A PA! Oh my. Dogs are shocking when it comes to looking for food aren't they. Bertie and I had a big falling out the other evening over something unidentifiable he found on a walk. I made a big exhibition of myself, locked in battle with him over this carcass for at least five minutes. I am only just speaking to him again. And I know what you mean about paint colours. Completely pretentious. CJ xx

  11. I am pleased to hear you are feeling better. Your photos are lovely. Regarding paint names; I once came across a Farrow and Ball paint called "dead salmon" .


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