September used to be the month during which we have our last camping trip, always something to look forward too. Now, with our Happy Camper group "losing" children to adulthood, and marriages breaking up, we no longer go. But we all have those glorious memories of bacon rolls and campfires, and much more. And that is a good thing. I am sharing some old photos in memory of some fabulous camping trips (also nothing new on my camera). The new September for me is a month of never ending commitments, and all of it work related. Beginning of term, personal development reviews (mine and others), new and old project students all wanting to have an hour of my time, reminders to re-take expired HR courses, to name a few. This year I have the added bonus of having to review and redevelop an entire MSc programme, with a deadline in early October. Still, life is happening around this and some of it is fun, too. 

Slowly cleaning upholstery around the house. When the outline of my head is clearly visible on the back of my favourite armchair, it is time to give it a good scrub. Boring but ultimately satisfying.

Also tidying/cleaning the utility room (aka dark cave where stuff gets shoved in, never to be seen again). I did this while listening to a science podcast about near death experience. Satisfying to see some order, and the floor. 

Painting our hallway walls and all the woodwork. I can't take credit for this of course but I do make tea and coffee for our wonderful decorator Davie. We went for "natural slate" aka warm medium dark grey. It looks perfect.

Choosing new lights for the freshly decorated hallways. We need three.  

Looking forward to Mondays. I go to ballet on Monday evenings. I am trying to remember the names of all short sequences of dance we have been learning. Brushing up on my French at the same time. 

Cursing our bad luck with postal services. We sent two parcels to Annie in Norway. One took 5 weeks to arrive, the other 3. We only tracked the second one, it took almost two weeks to leave the UK. Then it was stuck in customs for a few days. 

Coaxing two reluctant teenagers to work on their first portfolio piece for their English National 5 qualifications, a personal essay for one, a discursive essay for the other. Let me tell you, it is not easy. 

Having conversations about the teens life pre-adoption. I hope this helps them understand aspects of their life that they find more challenging as they grow older. 

Spending too much time on an epic fail sewing project, The Assembly Line Apron Dress. I shall fold it up nicely and donate to charity, maybe there is a body out there that can wear it. I made as a warm up to dungarees but might now review this plan.

Listening to The Creation Node by Stephen Baxter. Solid first contact science fiction, I rather enjoyed it. Now listening to In Ascension by Martin MacInnes. This is on the Booker Prize long list, which includes a few books I'll enjoy. 

Eating porridge for my breakfast. It is this time of year when a warm breakfast is welcome. I like mine with fruit. I made apple sauce with fallen apples from our tree, a nice porridge topping. I also bought frozen cherries because the cherry season is now well and truly over. 

Airing the winter duvet for those long cold nights ahead. 

Watching birds feasting on the cleaned and replenished feeders. 

Saving up for a shopping expedition in Chicago next month, while I am at a conference. I want to go to Anthropologie to top up my smart wardrobe. We have a branch in Edinburgh but their plus-sized choice is very limited. 

Cracking- on with my ice cream soda quilt. This has been two years in the making, I think although I am not sure, and I want it finished. I have 8 more blocks to make, then connect them all. I "need" my design wall back as I have another quilt brewing in my mind, which I want to start soon. 

So that was September. Thank you for visiting 😊


  1. The quilt is looking good. Don’t envy you those conversations with your boys but certainly worthwhile. Lovely to look back on camping memories. I’m sure there will be more camping holidays but in a different format. Have a great, relaxing weekend. B x

  2. The quilt blocks look amazing and I can't wait to see it all together. I have so much admiration for anyone who can quilt!

  3. I too love the look of your quilt blocks. I also feel your pain with the sewing project that turned out to be a dud. Presently taking a woodcarving class to challenge myself, oh boy, so not my metier. But have learned a lot and the camaraderie has been priceless. Marguerite

  4. You must have a lot of energy to do that much ing-ing.

  5. Your quilting looks lovely. I'll be making the switch to porridge fairly soon, but as my favourite granola was on special offer the other week, I've another bag to get through first :)

  6. Your quilting is wonderful. The MSc work sounds daunting. Lovely photos of camping adventures. I looked up your book finds and have them on my to read always find great reads that I have not heard of..which as an avid reader is lovely! Too bad re the apron,, how annoying. Hope you have some great clothes finds in Chicago, Jean in Winnipeg.

  7. Hi Christina, you have been so busy. How do you manage to fit it all in and ballet as well? Your camping holiday photos look fun and good to bring back happy memories. Can't wait to see your quilting progress. Hugs, Rose in New Zealand x

  8. Those berries look divine! Enjoy Chicago...I love that city. It was my favorite place to shop when I was on tour...

  9. Yes, I think porridge season is upon us and my hubby will be very happy about that :-)
    I like the colour combinations of your quilt blocks Christina. They will make a lovely quilt.
    B x

  10. Christina, I enjoy oatmeal with fruit and yogurt, but have never tried porridge and am reminded of nursery 3 bears rhyme. I had to look for yours beneath all hat wonderful fruit, especially the cherries. I was wondering when you would be in the US as coincidentally, we are taking a tour to the UK and going to London, Ireland and then 3 days in Edinburgh at the end of October. It would have been wonderful to try and connect if we were both in the same country.😉

  11. That is horrible about the mail service.
    I was born and live some of my early years in Chicago.. haven't been back in years even though I have so much family there.
    Your quilt is coming along beautifully.

  12. Enjoy Chicago in the fall! You may even see some early Christmas decor. Such a fun place to shop and eat pizza!


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