living from weekend to weekend

I enjoyed a most restorative weekend and I think my batteries recharge will last for the week ahead. 

I finished podcast recording late on Friday, about 23:30 pm. I a moment of what can only be described as temporary loss of my faculties I have agreed to podcast every two weeks on a Friday at 22:15. But it is better than any other day of the week really because on Saturdays, I can stay in bed longer

I spent a good while pottering around on Saturday morning, cleaning what needed cleaning (rather a lot after a weekend away...). It is quite relaxing really, cleaning is. I can think of worse chores. Jack and I went for a long walk and I did for once not care about him exploring the wilderness around us and disappear for ages. He is rather small and therfore tricky to spot in the undergrowth. He also has a habit of finding and entering badger sets, not a good idea. All was well on this occasion. 

I took Alistair winter coat shopping because we have no hand me downs at the moment. I put a positive spin on this by reasoning with myself it would be a good opportunity to spend a bit of one-on-one time with my youngest, who is struggling with life a bit. We really need to follow up his CAMHS referral, it has been 15 months since his clinical pre-screening. The waiting times are shocking, and detrimental to Alistair's development. Alas, shopping. We visited three shops but found that teenage/young adult sizes are no longer stocked in store. Weird, yes? We did find a extra small adult jacket that had all the features he asked for (non-detachable hood, pockets, black, waterproof). On our way back we stopped at  IKEA on our to buy a toilet seat, toilet brushes and picture frames. Glamourous. We chatted and generally had a good time together. 

To wind down, I made a new sleep mask because I left mine in our London hotel last weekend. An sleep mask is essential for my good sleep, I guess a bit like a weighted blanket for others. I used the free Closet Core pattern, which is quite fun and made without elastic but with velcro closure instead, which is good because the elastic always wears out too soon.

On Sunday I was taking it easy because I am participating in a study that required me to eat specific foods at specific times on this day, with fasting in between. Some of the food was blue to track gut passage time. It was also disgusting, even the natural coloured stuff. I had to collect a poo and a blood sample. I have quite a few more tasks to do over the next two weeks, for example logging food for three days, and use a blood sugar sensor and track that regularly. I am interested in the gut microbiome and its effects on physical and mental health. Participating in the study hopefully provides more data for the researchers and a maybe an understanding of how my body reacts to foods. I am most interested in my microbiome profile. Fingers crossed I am hosting the good guys.

In between eating blue food and pricking my finger for blood I refilled bird feeders, listened to a story, cut fabric for the half blocks for my Ice Cream Soda quilt, unpicked a faux turtle neck from a long sleeved t-shirt and replaced it with a simple crew neckband. I forgot to plant the tulip bulbs. After finishing my last test I finally had a decent hot and milky coffee, which was wonderful. 

I am already looking forward to next weekend. Work is so busy this time of year, it is all I really do during the week. That and staying on top of family meals, teenage activities and keeping the laundry pile from collapsing. 

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  1. An intriguing weekend. Not sure I could cope with eating blue food but I’m impressed with your resolve. Well done on the coat shopping. Never easy buying for a teen but good to have that time together. Love your atmospheric light photos. Good luck with the week ahead. B x

  2. Batteries are important, and on a related note: weighted blankets are terrific.

  3. Wow do you really sleep with an eye mask? I don't think I could, but do like the duvet over my ears!

  4. You have been busy. Winter coats are so important for warmth and comfort. Good luck with the laundry. I need to adopt your attitude towards cleaning.

  5. Glad you were able to spend some 'mum and son' time with Alistair last week even if it was coat buying. Those referrals take such a long time when action and appropriate support is needed right now not months down the line!
    Both D and I have sleep masks. She uses hers all the time and finds it helpful. I use mine less often but still find it useful especially if I have a headache and want to shut everything else out while I recover.
    Good luck with the gut study hope the results prove useful.

  6. A varied weekend there Christine. We hit a lull in hand me down coats and clothes in general when my girl turned 15. She was quite upset to find that when she looked in the drawer under her bed, there was not a whole pile of seasonal clothes to hoist into her current wardrobe. She buys her own clothes now!

  7. This was a this and that weekend for sure, Christina, which kept you busy! I enjoyed the lighting photos and wondered if these were from a walk in your neighborhood. That food study sounds interesting, yet not something I would want to be a participant in. While cleaning is not a favorite, it seems to be more pleasant when listening to an audio book and not so much a chore. Ikea was always a favorite place of ours, but the closest one now is quite a distance away in a neighboring state, which charges sales tax on purchases. We've become quite spoiled not having to pay state sales tax in NH.

  8. Gosh you do sound busy, Christina. Impressed you have the energy to podcast on a Friday evening. Take it easy this weekend if you can. X Doris


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