November, November. Stormy, dark and exhausting, also cosy.

:: Travelling to London, not once but twice. The first trip was for fun, the second trip for work. You can read about the fun trip in a previous post. The most memorable part of my work trip to London was the Caledonian Sleeper. Going down, great. Coming back, no water in cabin. I slept well both ways, which was good. Overall a good experience but don't be fooled by the luxurious advertising material, the sleeper at the end of the day is a train, not a penthouse suite. The meeting I attended was really good and absolutely worth the trip.

:: Listening to several mostly mediocre audio books. I listened to the Ferryman by Justin Cronin, which I found fairly awful. The plot is thin and the characters one dimensional and unlikeable. The book needed a more ruthless editor. I started a new crime series, set on the Isle of Skye written by J.M. Dalgliesh. The first instalment is A long time dead, the second one The dead man of Storr. Both perfectly ok but I am not planning on reading the next instalment. I didn't like any of the people in the book. I also listened to There is something I have to tell you by Michelle McDonagh, which was fabulous, with characters that felt like real people with well developed and complex personalities. 

:: Working flat out. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though, in about two weeks, things will start to slow down.  For a while.

:: Stitching the final few half blocks for my Ice Cream Soda quilt. I'll have to join the blocks at some point. 

:: Mending older quilts. Our quilts get a lot of use and some of the lighter weight fabrics wear through quickly. It is tempting to use all kinds of scraps because they are pretty, despite being light cotton lawns or similar.

:: Sorting through old construction sets James and Alistair received over the years. I checked the parts and those kits that were still complete, are off to charity to bring joy to another child. 

:: Cheering on James from a distance. He travelled to Liverpool with his running club for a big cross country race. He did well, much better than last year. Unfortunately, he and all his stuff were caked in mud... so much washing! I haven't opened the bag with his spikes yet and I am not looking forward to it. 

:: Lamenting the stormy wet days but then enjoying the first frost. 

:: Seeking out the last splashes of colour all around. 

:: Sitting in the lab freezing (it is large and impossible to heat properly), and waiting for students to arrive for a week of training. 

Thanks for visiting. I have been a bit quiet recently when visiting your blogs. Reading but not commenting. I am there though, enjoying your posts 😊


  1. You've been busy. I think your photos are very fine. The ivy on that one building is quite something.

  2. Loving the colour in the garden and those stained glass windows are wonderful.
    I don't envy you washing James' cross country gear though.

  3. Wonderful photos - that plant with the white berries is very interesting! Laughing about "it's just a train" - so true, and with no water even less comfortable (I'm guessing the water wouldn't be potable even if it was on? My sleeper car experience is limited to "don't drink the water" places, however.


  4. I read but seldom comment too-sorry! Always appreciate the glimpse of “other” and love the updates. Your hydrangea is doing an odd part bleaching thing like mine- never happened like that before. Any ideas why?

    1. (Sorry - message from Etta)

    2. Hi Etta, I think the hydrangea is just past its best. Maybe it is the cold?

    3. probably - but I've never seen that bleached out thing on just part of each flower head - normally mine holds its colour and fades over the winter. I've seen it on others locally too - not usual for us. Still lovely though.

  5. Still a lot of colour in your garden, and you have been busy! I've never travelled on an over night train, only ferry which was horrendous!

  6. I have never slept on a train, so it would be something to experience in the future. Of course, my fantasy would be to ride on the Orient Express. Mediocre audio books do not get much further than a couple of chapters if I am listening and interest dwindles. You are much more steadfast, Christina. I do not envy you all the washing of mud-soaked clothing and best leave the spikes for a while.

  7. Ah yes, mud season, it's much the same here. And also working fairly hard, but glad to be busy. Those floral windows are amazing, so pretty. Hope you have a lovely Sunday. CJ xx

  8. Im imagining you are truly snowed in now. That beats the rain I guess. Gorgeous photos. B x


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