frozen to the bones

This is my second week of microscopy training. Four days last week, another four days this week. We have around 75 students altogether that attend the training. I don't think I have felt warm for any length of time since Monday last week. The lab is the size of a airplane hangar, the four wall heaters a joke. It has been colder than usual in Glasgow, which doesn't help. Coming back for the second week, it was a bit of a shock to discover that the ineffective heating was broken altogether. The temperature was below 10 degrees, warming up to 14 degrees at lunch before plummeting again to baltic. We had to be quite creative with keeping our students from going into hibernation mode. Most of us just kept our outdoor jackets on under the lab coat, and hats to keep the heads somewhat warm. Today, I wore a vest, a merino base layer, two additional base layers, a wooly jumper and lab coat because the winter jacket felt a bit bulky. Peak temperature today was 15 degrees. I don't think the heating will be fixed before we finish our training week... So yes, I am cold. Even when I am in a warm place I feel cold. To add insult to injury, the toilets are also out of order. Just as well that the drinking fountain is also broken... Occasionally over the past two days, I noticed busy looking men in overalls carrying ladders and tools. They must be actors paid by Senior Management to make us everyone believe someone actually cares that the infrastructure is falling to bits. 

It is tiring, spending that much time in the lab, on my feet and looking down a microscope and helping students grasp the basics of microscopy and parasite diagnosis. However, our students are excellent and it is fun to meet them all. I only usually see them on Zoom. I also managed to take some good photographs of weird and wonderful parasites, which is always a bonus. 

In other news, last week we celebrated Sammy's 23rd birthday with a big lasagne and cheese cake. He was off work and took Jack with him for a wee holiday on the Southside. 

Richard and I went for dinner and a concert with friends. The food at Joia in Finnieston was delicious and better still, there was no background music, which was refreshing. The concert, Jools Holland and his band was not my cup of tea but it was nice to be out with friends and have a laugh. 

I put up a couple of light chains to brighten up evenings. The advent calendars are hanging and are full of small chocolates. 

The weekend was quiet, with a sprinkle of browsing and shopping at the Kelvingrove Museum, where the artist collective Tea Green had sale. I really enjoyed wandering around and taking in all that talent. I bought a few small things that I liked and I picked up plenty of business cards from stall holders for future ideas. It must be so difficult to make a living as an artist and maker of beautiful things. 

Anyway, I didn't take many photos these past few days, I can barely operate my phone with my Raynaud's fingers. 

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  1. Hi Christina, Long time reader here. My husband has reynauds as well and uses a rechargeable battery operated hand warmer (sometimes even at home). His was purchased at a sporting goods store in the US.

    The lab conditions sounds miserable! Where did you go to use the toilet?! It’s ironic that you’re studying parasites when parasites can be passed due to unhygienic conditions.

    Sending sympathies and warmth, Rachael

  2. Sounds freezing conditions, well done you getting on with it all, I don't think I could have.. and that pud looks delish, is it a cheese cake?

  3. Exhausting to work in such cold conditions, and with no functioning hygienic arrangements - I shudder to think what the student evaluations will look like, or do you not do that there? My husband also uses battery operated hand warmers for dog walks and so on and swears by them - if this continues you may have to check it out.


  4. That is pretty brutal, but you are such a soldier. Above and beyond, say I.

  5. You actually sound cold to the bones - I can hear it in your words. Things like that always take the shine off events which should be enjoyable and rewarding. Lasagne and cheesecake is a win, win.

  6. Oh my, sorry about the freezing temperatures, it is no fun to be that cold the whole time. Glad you had a lovely evening out though, and a happy birthday to Sam. CJ xx

  7. Yikes, Christina, what you described about that training environment was very unpleasant and hope that the contractors were actually there to do some repair work, but of course, the sessions may be over by then. Belated 🎂 wishes to your eldest son and that dessert looked so delicious! Nice to get out for a meal and concert, even if only one out of the two was your favorite experience 😋


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