January ...ing

I like being back to my usual routine. I don't miss December, quite possibly my least favourite month of the year. January however comes with lower expectations and an often manageable workload. There is a whiff of new-year-new-me, although I know fine well that this is not good for my wellbeing. So here we go, with another year of monthly ...ing posts. 

Celebrating the light. Every day we have a little more daylight, which is wonderful. 

Buying daffodils. They are back in the shops and will provide cheerful pops of colour on my kitchen table for the foreseeable future. 

Back to volunteering work after a lengthy pause. We prepared several areas for wildflower meadows along the river. We lifted the turf, raked and scarified the exposed earth, scattered seeds, did the penguin walk to bed the seeds in. We probably have enough frosty periods left for a good germination rate. We'll be cleaning the newt pond in Dawsholm park soon. It is good to get out and move earth and have a good old chat with my volunteering pals.

Knitting socks. I am on my second pair. The grey ones shown are my own pattern, the Twin Spiral Sock, which you can find on my sock page. I have yet to figure out why the patterns don't open for others, something to do with Google docs sharing. 

Making too many lunch boxes. I insist on making lunch boxes, even though Alistair and James are perfectly able to do that themselves. However, they would at most pack a limp sandwich. I sneak vegetable matter in, a slice of cucumber hiding between ham, or a sliced gherkin. Some carrot sticks, a treat and fruit. Peeled for Alistair because he would not otherwise eat it. 

Treating myself to a lunch of M&S delicatessen. Because I deserve it.

Waiting for HRT to do its magic. 

Baking Lebkuchen. I didn't have the energy for this in December but now I do. Mind you, just a tray bake version, not a fancy decorated Lebkuchen house. 

Eating porridge, every morning. Well, most mornings. I like it most with cherries, the frozen variety. 

Booking a summer holiday. 

Listening to "How To Say Babylon" by Safyia Sinclair and loving it. It is a memoir of an unusual childhood in Jamaica. Her prose is beautiful, like a lullaby. She is reading the audiobook, which makes it more special still. 

Thinking back to last January, when I was in Malawi for work, and wishing I was there again. 

Feeling sick of the endless howling of the wind. One storm after the other, with lots of rain thrown in for good measure. 

Shouting at Blogger... I noticed comments I write sometimes vanish into the black hole that is the internet. Not all blogs and completely random. 

Wishing you all a good week. Thank you for visiting 😊


  1. It's nice to see the spring bulbs begin to appear. I haven't even noticed them in our stores yet. Must keep my eyes peeled.

  2. Love the socks, love the food and that crash of yellow daffs, a super post.

  3. I will join you with the porridge and packed lunches, but I'm nowhere near talented enough to knit such gorgeous socks. Xx

  4. Christina, of course, you deserved to treat yourself to lunch, so well done! While I have never eaten porridge, my breakfast of choice is oatmeal with various add-ins like dried cranberries, peanut butter, yogurt topping, sometimes a combo of these. I haven't yet tried adding chocolate chips 😋 The knitted socks looks so comfy and your feet must be smiling as well! We have just had a fresh snowfall of a couple of inches, so no flowers surfacing here anytime soon.

  5. Great that you are able to get back to the volunteering on the wild meadows projects, Christina. As the days get longer it feels good to be outside.
    However after all the storms lately no wonder you're dreaming of Malawi!
    Have a good week x

  6. We don't have any daffodils in the store yet, but when the first ones come out I'll buy them... that wonderful yellow. Have fun.
    Your socks are wonderful. I like.
    Wildflower meadow sounds great...
    I'm already starting to look for the first green of the snowdrops... some of our fields are already looking great after the snow melts... beautiful green of the rapeseed plants (the rapeseed was sown last summer) and then it blooms in May June. ..oh, it will be wonderful...
    p.s. I love eating crushed oatmeal for breakfast...hugs from me.

  7. Hi Christina - great socks! And some very tasty looking lunchboxes. I too long for the lighter days. Escaping to Southern hemisphere for a few weeks soon though so that’ll help. Xx Doris

  8. I get that with Blogger sometimes too. December also my least favourite month. Endless festive rubbish and consumerism. Don't get me started. I love the volunteering tasks that you're doing, well done you. And well done on the healthy lunches as well, that is a very good job. CJ xx

  9. I agree with you on December not being my favorite month. I love Christmas and the real reason behind it, but everything else just gets to be too much and overwhelms me. I was so ready to say goodbye to December. I prefer January over it. And yes to the longer, brighter days. It's staying daylight until around 6pm here and I love it! Spring is near for sure.


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