nacho cheese - what a delight

We finally have a carpet on our stairs. It has only taken four months to get this done. A small job is not an interesting job for trade. We opted for a sisal boucle, exactly the same we had previously. You may think this is very boring and I agree it is and we are boring. On a positive note, it is very hardwearing, forgiving and visually interesting. The underlay is quite thick and the steps feel a bit bouncy. I like it. You know, a spring in my step

I spent a short time in the garden last weekend, tidying up. It looks dismal. I am not a keen gardener, which makes no sense because that's what I do when I go volunteering (which I love). It must be the company that makes all the difference, and the biscuit tin that we pass round at break time. There are also lots of people walking by, often expressing gratitude for caring about our environment and making it more accessible and welcoming for all to enjoy. Today we cleared a bramble wilderness, picked up all the litter and planted food hedgerow plants instead. Food for animals that is, not people. We found lots of Scarlet Elf Cup mushroom, see above. It was most enjoyable and the weather was kind, too. Very rewarding. 

More so than work sometimes. I have been reading through a job description for a new post in my own unit. I can't make up my mind if I should apply. It would be a sideways move rather than an upwards move and I am not sure it is an attractive enough post to give up some of the perks I have in my current post (like a large budget for books and travel). Also, decisions. I don't like to make them. Finally, I am worn out and maybe cruising until retirement is a less exhausting option than starting anew. 

I am definitely getting old and grumpy. I am providing you with new evidence. Ads on blogs irritate my mood more and more. I want to read about other peoples lives and adventures, not being bothered by ads. I avoid those blogs now, which is a shame because I miss the stories. 

Moving on swiftly.

James spends every penny he earns on sweets, chocolate and fizzy drink. That's six hours of wages every single week. He also spends his train money on junk food. I no longer bail him out when he doesn't have enough money left to buy a ticket to go to college. He usually texts me en route to the train. I don't know what he wants me to do. Teleport to the station with a fiver? I hope but doubt that being caught without a ticket will be a (somewhat expensive) life lesson? The funny part is that James is doing really well in a personal finance course at school. On a positive note, he enjoys his job at the corner shop and has been asked to pick up an extra shift. 

Alistair meanwhile has completed his car valeting training at school. He loved it. I am really glad he gets the opportunity to gain employability skills at school. 

Time for a glass of wine, it is Saturday evening and I have no other plans than chilling out. That, and cook then eat chicken fajitas. 

Oh, before I go, I found another account on the Instagram to watch. It is a chef viewing people cook on Instagram, and live commenting. Some amazing food being cooked up but also some horrendous stuff. The commentary is entertaining. I watched on video of a woman making a kind of nacho dish in a gigantic plastic container, the size of my laundry basket. She started of by crunching six bags of different flavoured Dorito chips up and throwing them into the vat. Then many layers of highly processed obscenities from tins and squeezy tubes, including many tubes of nacho cheese and tubes of guacamole. I had to look nacho cheese up. To scoop it out and serve she had to use on of those pick and mix scoops, only on steroids. My gag reflex was well and properly challenged. 

On that note, I'll leave you to finish your cup of tea. Thanks for visiting 😊


  1. Old and grumpy? Nope. Those nachos? Also a nope. The "spring" in your step/stories (and your admittedly curmudgeonly humour) put a spring in my step too. Thank you.

  2. It's wise to let kids learn their money lessons and not bail them out; I'm sure it's not easy. Junk food does seem to affect our brains and moods; it's so addictive. I had to stop buying Nacho Cheese Doritos because I got so hooked on them. Reminds me of fast food, which I no longer eat, either. I do have a batch of blueberry scones in the oven, though.

  3. Good lord re the nachos. My youngest also spends all available money on junk food. Re the gardening, I think that somehow doing stuff for someone else or for the environment etc. is somehow much more enjoyable than doing your own stuff. I am imagine that it is very satisfying to help the wild creatures. I hope you come to the right decision re the job. And the stair carpet sounds lovely, if you have found the perfect one for you, why change? CJ xx

  4. I have 2 daughters, like chalk and cheese, one good with money and one good at spending it.....and mine! The stair carpet sounds ideal - only 4 months- it would probably take us 4 years to get it done as we seem to do everything in the slow lane. What a difficult decision over your job - I don't envy you - I find decisions difficult these days. I am a passionate back not so these days. Lovely photos though.

  5. I am guessing that you see progress in your group garden project, but at home we go round and round ding the same chores year after year, and it pretty well always looks the same. In my case anyway.

  6. I can almost hear those first few photographs!
    I'm with you regarding adverts on blogs, although it's partly to do with my ancient laptop, which doesn't like them. Xx

  7. Tough call re the job- though I’ve reached the stage where I’m happy to let fresh blood shiney past me up the pole and wave at them as they pass by full of young enthusiasm. I decided a while back i already don’t have enough time left to do all the things I’d like to, so I’m in employment maintenance mode- happy to do what i do to the best of my ability but with no desire to work travel or start new work related things any more. It was a good move for me.
    Gagging at mental image of the Dorito mush you describe. Wishing you wisdom re the job.

  8. Yes, to finding that ads on blogs are too annoying to continue and so I also choose not to read any with ads. I also steer clear of any posts that include politics, religion and other hot topics. I just choose not to comment on those posts. And, if it seems that those re the only topics posted, then will steer clear of the blog.

    It sounds like the perks in your present position outweigh moving to another one, so I would opt to stay put and look forward to retirement.

    As far as James spending all his funds on junk food and needing money for the train, it seems that one day he may figure it out, hopefully soon, especially as he is doing well in that class. Those nachos sounded absolutely awful 😲.

    A glass of wine sounds better than a cup of tea.

    Also, to let you know Christina re: your comment/question on my recent door mats post. Our door mats read "Welcome" and are seasonal. There's one for Christmas which is just a solid red; one for spring summer which is embossed seashells; the autumn one has leaves. These 3 are rotated with the seasons.

  9. Hi Christina - that nacho meal sounds revolting! I try hard to avoid junk food but do succumb occasionally to salty crisps. It’s so hard for kids to resist. I was listening to a programme about how ultra-processed food is addictive this morning but little action is being taken to control it because of the power of the food industry. My garden depressing me at present even though the daffodils are out - it’s such a mess and so chilly I don’t feel like tackling it. Good luck with the job decision.
    X Doris

  10. Still waiting for our stairs and landing carpet to be replaced. We will get there eventually!! I've managed to do a bit in the greenhouse so far but otherwise the garden is a bit too soggy. Wishing you well with your possible job move, always a hard thing to weigh up whether its worth it.


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