on a chaise longue, all day long

The other day when I was driving Jack to his wee holiday in Govanhill with Sam I listened to BBC Radio 2. Usually, I listen to BBC Radio 4 in the car but it was comedy hour and It thought it was a bit annoying. As I was exiting the motorway, a somewhat unusual song played. I now cannot get out of my head. The chorus went something like this: on the chaise longue, on the chaise longue, on the chaise longue, all day long. I wanted to rewind and check if I had heard right or if indeed I had gone coo coo. Alas, I am of sound mind. I went on the YouTube and found the song. It is aptly named Chaise Long (have a listen) by a band called Wet Leg. I have since been trying to figure out what the message of this song is. Do tell if you know, or work it out. 

On the note of radio my friend Laura pointed me in the direction of a podcast on the aforementioned BBC Radio 4: Now you are asking with Marian Keyes and Tara Flynn. I am hooked. It is a shame I didn't have such sound advice non all things life when I was much younger.

This weekend my fellow volunteers and I planted 300 bluebell plantlets. I was on self-imposed litter duty also. I picked up 15 full dog poo bags in the small area where we planted the bluebells. If at some point in the future I witness poo bag littering I shall pick up the bag and catapult it into the offenders face. The bluebell planting was fun though. We also tidied up around last year's hedgerow plants and finished the meadow patches. 

James and Alistair were away on a Scout Sub Zero camp. I insisted on two sets of thermals and a hot water bottle. Camping in February is not for the faint hearted. There were 1100 scouts at the camp. Imagine that! They had loads of fun and dealt well with the cold. It was mostly dry, which is always good when camping. The smell of campfire will linger for a while, despite a good wash. 

We dragged the boys to the beach today for a walk with Jack. It is half term and a wee outing seemed in order. Teenage dread was oozing out of them, just like black sticky tar. We drove to Irvine beach. Not my favourite beach, or my favourite part of Scotland but within easy driving distance. Some of the towns in that area are very depressing to drive through, forgotten places of sorts. Jack loved the walk. We drove through West Kilbride, a town renowned for artisan craft. We thought it would be a good place for a stroll and lunch but the town had not awoken yet from hibernation and the only cafe was closed. We drove on to Larggs and stopped at Nardini's at the Moorings for lunch. The teens briefly came to live for the food. I take that as a win. 

Upon our return, Alistair announced he would not leave the house until it was time to go back to school. Fair enough.

Thanks for visiting 😊

P.S. All but the cat photo were taken at Bingham's pond. I had scheduled a duck appreciation day last week. 


  1. I listened to the song and turned up the sound so Dh could hear and he thought it could catch on! And read all the advice from Marian Keyes and Tara Flynn and hooted with laughter, I shall listen to this again so good. And well done you, planting all the blue bells and picking up yuk! I sprinkle wild flower seeds on the straggly grass edge of a footpath that runs up the side of our bungalow, plus we pick up any litter blown there and that's my bit to help my town!

  2. I know that song. I rather like it and her voice. I saw her on Jools Hollands show and she was a real performer. Camping in February is pretty hard core. Had any snow? Jo xx

  3. Well done on the volunteering. I feel your angst about the dog poo. It’s pretty bad here too as is litter on the beach and in country lanes. Why are people so stupid I regularly ask myself. I will go and listen to the song in a minute and give the podcast a go.
    Well done to the boys camping it reminds me of the latest Simon Reeve Series Wilderness where he is camping in the mountains of Patagonia Brrrrrrrrrrrr. B x

  4. Why do people do that-the dog poo bag drop- really!! Disgusting and selfish!! I can understand your feelings especially when you are trying so hard to make the area nice for everyone to enjoy. Sorry moan over :-)
    Well done to the boys with their camping, hope they enjoyed the adventure.

  5. Was it a Monday? Is that why that one town was sleepy? Here, in rural areas, shops tend to take Mondays off.

  6. I also listened to the song, Christina, but not for the entire play as it really was not to my liking. Sorry but i can't helo you with what the song is all about, but do know that the woman singing "got the big D" a degree I assumed. Enjoyed the duck pics too.

  7. Sorry for the typos above as I typed faster than my mind thought

  8. Love the duck pictures. 🌻

  9. Wow! That's a lot of poop. It's sad that so many dog owners don't clean up after themselves. Camping in February is very ambitious!

  10. Well done on the planting and litter clearing. I'm with you on the poo bags. Very impressed with the camping, well done all. The teenage dread made me laugh. I honestly don't know if I can be bothered to book a holiday this year, it was such hard work to drag the youngest out last time. Might just stay at home and work through :) Hope you have a lovely weekend. CJ xx


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