the cat doesn't love me

I have a new secret obsession and it takes up a few minutes of time every day. Not too bad (yet) but we all know how it goes with obsessions. Have you ever noticed pianos in public spaces? And people actually playing them? And then filming themselves for the Instagram? There is often a "random" passerby surprise musician or opera singer who wants to join in. Just like that. So, I am watching those clips. Far too many of them. I am sure it is educational. 

While on Instagram, I usually check in with Cooking for Levi. Levi has to be the least fussy toddler ever to be alive. He is also very cute and super lucky to have an amazing dad-chef. 

Lupin the cat started sleeping on my chest, close to my neck when I am relaxing on my favourite armchair. I thought maybe she loves me now. Alas, she really wanted the chair, which is also her favourite. The moment I got up she settled on the cushion and went straight back to sleep. I was merely an extension of her favourite downstairs corner. She is doing really rather well after being very poorly last spring. She has chronic kidney disease and now high calcium, which (the vet says) is sometimes a consequence of the renal food prescribed. She'll have to take a calcium chelator once a week. This is currently not available through the vets usual suppliers of drugs. So she now has to take the orange flavoured liquid human equivalent, once a week. I hope cats don't have taste buds for artificial sweeteners and orange. She'll have another blood test in 6 weeks or so. Thank the heavens for pet health insurance. 

The wind. I am so fed up with it.

Another small obsession is to get a barre for some ballet exercises at home. Essentially a hand rail. I could of course just use the kitchen island because it is about at the right height. However, I fancy a proper wall mounted wooden one. No mirror nearby though because I don't like the feeling of being elegant in my movements being shattered by the view of a dancing walrus. I like the barre exercises most of all in my ballet classes but I also enjoy the "port de bras" section of the class. That translates to carriage of the arms. Definitely good for the bingo wings but also adds elegance to the dance (more so with a long sleeved top). I still can't do a pretty curtsy, my knee wobbles too much. Some of my class mates are talking about taking exams... I have no intention to join them. 

Do you have any small obsessions? Do share!

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  1. Maybe Twitter is a bit of an obsession, not to post, but to see what news, especially sports new, has been posted since I lest checked.

  2. Loved this post, it did make me laugh. The cat scenario I empathise with. Cats always want the seat you’re in. Good luck with the dance bar. I hate the wind too:) B x

  3. Lupin will, at least, keep you nice and warm. Xx

  4. Gorgeous cat, animals are so comforting, and they always want to be where you are.

  5. While I'm not sure if this is an obsession, but OK it is...I have been managing to get 10,000 steps and more in daily for the past few months. I know this number is not really necessary as it was hawked by a pedometer company years ago, but still it's become my personal goal and thankfully there is a gym in the mill apts with treadmills so no going outdoors in nasty weather or I surely would not get out of bed. I have been watching a lot of streaming movies, listening to podcasts and a couple of audiobooks. If not, walking on a treadmill would be very boring.

  6. Those are fun to watch aren't they. An enjoyable little obsession, Christina. Lupin looks quite comfortable snoozing on you until she gets the sleeping place she really wanted!
    Glad you are enjoying the ballet classes and hope you are able to fit in the barre somewhere at home. Have a good weekend x

  7. Not very original I'm afraid but I watch too much Y*Tube, especially decluttering/curating wardrobe videos or everyday life vlog. The "dancing walrus" made me laugh, and Lupin is loveable even if selfish, as cats are of course. Thank you for sharing !

  8. Dropping in to say hello! I love cats and lions so much. Instagram has been an obsession I think, checking in on any cat and lion videos. Also knitting & crochet accounts, but generally wasting time scrolling on both instagram and facebook. I've logged out of both but still need to log into Facebook twice a day as I'm admin on a group. I also need to regularly post on the church fb pg, to advertise events, the local knit & natter group and a Miss Read facebook group.


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