March ... ing

March ... ing in the nick of time! It is the Easter weekend and I am planning on doing very little, other than maybe wiping some surfaces, re-arranging the fruit bowl and generally faff around. I'll have a cocktail every evening and I'll listen to books. Richard is away cycling but Annie is here and I look forward to her famous roast chicken on Sunday. She makes a mean roast chicken. I'll be volunteering as well. 

:: Enjoying a quieter week at work. I am still covering for my colleague but with a break in teaching, there is a little more breathing space. I decided against a holiday during spring break but have booked a couple of single days off to shorten the weeks. 

:: Loving all the signs of spring. Buds and new shoots everywhere, some blossom, too. Beautiful.

:: Planning two work trips, one short one to London, the other to Cape Town. I hope to add a couple of days to the South Africa trip, just for fun. I am a little envious of Richard's work trip to Kathmandu. I'd love to visit Nepal. Exciting destinations are a good reason to keep on doing what we are doing.

:: Keeping a close eye on James whose latest affliction is extreme laziness. Incurable he says. He has two exams and doesn't study. I informed him of my plan to block his phone at set times and I insist that he emerges from his cave to study for a bit during spring break. I'll be very happy if he gets a decent pass. 

:: Feeling annoyed about study leave. Alistair will be on study leave even though he doesn't sit exams. What will he do? Drive me up to wall no doubt. We have been promised a "special programme" but I am not optimistic. During the last study leave period, this was one hour of schooling on some days. The British education system is as depressing as the British healthcare system (amongst others).

:: Upping my game as podcaster. I have decided that it is not good enough to be the token woman. I have become more involved in the planning and taking a lead. Woman Power!

:: Listening to a new crime series by Joy Ellis. It is the Jackman & Evans series. The link is to the first book in the series. Quite enjoyable. I am looking forward to listening to Leave No Tracee by Jo Callaghan. This is the second book in a new series. I hope it is a new series. Quite unusual in that the detective, Kate Frank is assisted by AIDE Lock (Artificially Intelligent Detective Entity). I have also been listening to non-crime fiction. Maybe I I'll write a book post or something. 

:: Creating very little. There is a pair of socks on my needles, fabric for a linen shirt for Richard all cut out and ready in a bag, fabric for a white vest top for myself in another bag and lots of quilt blocks to be stitched together. Maybe the Easter bunny will bring some creative energy. 

:: Refreshing the colour of our bath towels. I am using all-in-one Dylon dye for this. Dying fabric used to be such a faff and really messy but now it is easy peasy. 

:: Looking forward to eating my chocolate bunny on Easter Sunday. I was going to colour some eggs and even bought some white ones but I am not motivated enough. My mum always makes beautiful Easter eggs and if she sends a photo, I'll just enjoy those. 

:: Enjoying my Saturday walks with my friend A and our four legged friends. Our dogs are coming up for 10 years old and with a few interruptions (first lockdown then Jack's leg injury), we have been going on Saturday walks since they were old enough for longer distances. 

:: Thinking about the apocalypse. I need to dig out my lecture water, sanitation and hygiene, which includes latrine design and construction. This knowledge might come in handy. Such anxious times. 

And that's it all, really. March was a keep-my-head-down-and-work kind of month. 

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  1. Your Marching looks lovely. We do more Apriling or even Maying here.

  2. Just contemplating my own March catch up when I came across yours. How exciting to have work trips abroad, I’d love to go to South Africa. With you on study leave - not helpful for the vast majority. Happy Easter - enjoy your chocolate bunny!

    1. Forgot to sign as I still appear to be anonymous on blogger. Above comment from me. X Doris

  3. It’s bright and sunny, but a chilly morning here, no signs of spring yet, snow and ice on the ground still. . I am however thinking of starting some seeds indoors and am hopeful that my orchid will bloom soon. Your Marching post is so inspiring. Good for you re the Podcast planning. A trip to London and South Africa sounds wonderful. Thank you for the book ideas too. World news is worrying— an understatement. I am about to sign up for a university credit course on women and gender issues. There are only so many spots, so I hope to get in, I am heading out to a dance class, and plan a walk later. Enjoy the roast chicken. Your post was a wonderful boost this morning, and much enjoyed. Jean in Winnipeg.

  4. Enjoyed reading your post, I hope everything works out ok over the holidays. When lock down first struck, the end of the world seemed alarming indeed. My boys said it ruined Mother's Day.
    Happy Easter x

  5. I always enjoy these end of the month postings, Christina, and sounds like you have some relaxation in mind, which is good. I envy your upcoming trip to London as we hope to return, but no date set. I am not familiar with the author you mentioned but have been enjoying several books by US author Freida McFadden, quick thriller-type reads with a bit of a surprise.

  6. You've certainly had a lot more going on than just wiping surfaces lately!
    Your work trips sound wonderful. I don't blame you for adding on some extra days. Xx

  7. I haven't done any towel dying for years. I remember the faff though. Still it did make a real difference to the towels. D went shopping this morning and bought back some late Easter bunny chocolate - yummy. Hope you enjoyed your chocolate treat.

  8. YES to more faffing (and chocolate bunnies which are currently on sale).


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