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I am on the mend after yet another cold, although the cough seems to be here to stay. It is particularly bad outside, easing off a little when getting back into the warmth. On a positive note, my pelvic floor muscles are at peak strength. 

Richard and I went to the ballet last weekend, to see Swan Lake. This was my 50th birthday present, four years ago but the show was cancelled due to you know what. It was a wonderful, beautifully choreographed ballet. Although I wanted Odette and the other swans to wear tutus. I like tutus, they are perfect for swans. Also the man in the seat next too me was one of those leg spreaders. With narrow seating, this meant only one thing... touching knees. He was a bouncing the leg to the beat of the music. Not pleasant and I to fight hard to control my urge to hurt the man. I tried to twist my legs away in the other direction but my hip didn't like it. And it was hot. So hot that my calves were sweaty and I thought steam might come out of my ears. It didn't and I swapped seats with Richard at interval. Shining knight in armour that he is. We shared Prosecco with friends who also had tickets and had a wonderful time/ Beautiful dancing. And beautiful music, too. We had seats on the upper circle and could get glimpses of the orchestra. Always a bonus.

In the afternoon before ballet I spend a few happy hours planting a variety of hedgerow plants, including dog rose, hawthorn, blackthorn, elder, spindle berry and a few crab apple trees. The plants were in good condition and I am sure many will take. I am becoming quite an expert at cutting the ground with a spade accurately without digging big holes. The blue bells we planted a few weeks ago are just coming up and last year's hedgerow plants are bulking up. The wild leek has gone bananas this year, displacing almost all of the wild garlic.  

This week, I spent quite a lot of time gazing out of the window while attending virtual meetings and presentations. Today I spotted the first pair of green finches in a long time. Maybe they were just passing and needed a wee snack. Little Chef for birds. It is a shame I can''t pick up my binoculars while in meetings but I must maintain my professional image.

In other news, the burns on my chin have healed completely, giving me another opportunity at waxing the now quite disturbing beard. I know of course that this is a matter of opinion. I was a lot more careful and I am pleased to report no further self-inflicted injuries occurred. 

I'll spend the rest of the week in the lab, doing what I love (looking at parasites down a microscope). I have nine students only and it will be fun to work with them. I might share some images, if you like.

In the meantime, thanks for visiting 😊


  1. A lab picture would be fun!


  2. Maybe my comment got lost so trying again... Beautiful photos. I'm glad your skin has healed. I share your frustrations of annoying people sat next to you. I had one once, turned towards me in church worship. It was awful, not weird in a pervert way, just very uncomfortable. Mark swapped seats with me, phew! Take care and have a lovely weekend x

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed a lovely evening at the ballet, andI feel your pain re the knee touching. You showed great restraint ;)

  4. I still have my cough too. I hope yours is on the mend now. It has been a real pain. Glad you had a good time at the ballet even if the man next to you was annoying.
    It must be very satisfying seeing last years hedgerow plants coming back again and even stronger. We had about half a dozen greenfinches visit our feeders last week which was a real treat. Have a good week.

  5. Glad you got to the ballet, and well done Richard for swapping seats. I like to be able to see the orchestra as well. Good job with the hedge planting, it's brilliant, well done you. CJ xx

  6. Nice, Christina, to have been able to go to the ballet for a delayed 🎂gift, but too bad about the seat mate situation.also, good to read that you are on the mend.

  7. Glad you enjoyed the ballet. There is always that one person...


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