May! And we are done. I marvel at the passage of time, which to me seems like Schrödinger's cat. One day I notice it, the other day it just seems gone by. A good month mostly, busy but not unbearably so.   

:: Listening to many books... including a new to me series, written by Peter Grainger. It is the Kings Lake investigations crime series. I am quite enjoying this, slow pace, attention to detail. I am also listening to The Wren, The Wren by Anne Enwright. I find it quite challenging to listen to, difficult topics of family relationships, controlling relationships etc. On the whole, I enjoy books that end well and I am not sure this one will. For those of you with an interest in hard science fiction, I also listened to The Object by Joshua T Calvert and The Engines of God by Jack McDevitt. Both were ok but forgettable, if you know what I mean. I enjoyed The Day Shelley Woodhouse Woke Up by Laura Pearson. And yes, I do listen to a lot of books, I usually have my bone conduction head set on when walking, cooking, cleaning, gardening etc. Never while working though, although it is tempting. 

:: Cooking and eating chicken and lentil curry. This was really a lentil with some chicken curry... but my carnivore teens prefer the emphasis on the meat.  Also cooking tofuballs. This sounds wrong, tofuballs. They are essentially "meatballs" made with shredded tofu instead of mince. I added chopped onion, parsley, mint and ginger for flavour. They were absolutely delicious, in a sweet/salty/sticky glaze, served with jasmine rice and green beans. 

:: Continuing to teach. This final term feels long. 

:: Pulling my hair out in despair.... the teenagers have been on "study leave" for too long. It is like having two nearly grown toddlers in the house. Next week they'll be back at school and I can't wait.

:: Knitting a pair of socks for a very good friend. I didn't quite finish for her birthday but she was very happy to see the work in progress. 

:: Joining blocks of my Ice Cream Soda quilt. I am so done with this now but there is still so much to do... Three rows done, six to do.

:: Spending birthday vouchers. I have two new pairs of ear rings I love (thanks, mum), a mug and a pewter sun flower keyring (thanks, Richard). 

:: Counting the days to our summer holiday. A long 29 as I type this. 

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  1. I've put that series on my Kindle wish list, just to try to remember it in due course. Currently, I am reading a series set in Glasgow, Rhona MaCleod. Can't dredge up the author's name right now. 😊

  2. I too have lived with grown toddlers. They are both finally grown grown now and I love them so much, plus it's a bonus they don't live with us anymore.

  3. It's hard to think that we're almost halfway through the year already.
    Not long to wait until your holiday :)

  4. I am knitting socks after a break, I had second sock syndrome and stopped for a while!

  5. It's hard to believe my favorite month of the year is over.That was quick! Hopefully, summer will go at a slower pace as it's my favorite time of year - spring and summer both that is. What a gorgeous pair of socks you are knitting for your friend. I'm sure she will love them! Hope you are having a lovely first weekend of June!

  6. That poor bird looks miserable! Hope the next 29 days go quickly!

    1. It is a moulting moorhen chick, swapping fluff for feathers

  7. Thanks for sharing what your current listen . I found that the local library has some of Grainger’s books and have added the author to my future reads list. I know you will be glad when the current term is over and 29 days is not so long for vacation.

  8. Hi Christina - I have some of that pink elderflower in my garden too. So pretty this year. Someone gave me The Wren, the Wren for Christmas so it’s on my to read pile. Sounds like an interesting book even if it’s a bit disturbing. You sound busy as usual so I’m not surprised you are longing for a holiday. X Doris

  9. Well done on the tofu balls, they sound scrumptious. I make a thing I call butter chicken that has tofu in it and is really nice. It doesn't actually have any chicken in it. Or any butter. Oh I know what you mean about study leave. Mine have basically finished school and only need to go in for exams and the odd revision lesson. Nothing until sixth form in September for the youngest and (hopefully) uni in October for the middle one. It somehow cuts down on my working time and my focus. CJ xx

  10. Oh dear! That poor bird looks bedraggled and thoroughly miserable . Poor thing.
    Not long now before your holiday. Have a great time when you are away.
    Your friend will love the socks you are making for her.
    By now I assume the teens are back at school and out of your hair for a few hours a day. Enjoy the freedom :-)


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