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After an enjoyable weekend, I was ready for super busy week but now on Thursday, I have run out of steam...

As is tradition, I spent a few hours working with my volunteer group, pulling up Himalayan Balsam, invasive plant enemy number one for my eco warrior team at this time of year. A new/old enemy that is making an appearance at this time of year is the Scottish midge. This is a particularly vicious predator, leaving behind bright red small (~3mm) spot which can be excruciatingly itchy. I am lucky, I don't react, a real blessing when enjoying the outdoors in Scotland

Have you been watching The Piano on Channel 4? I just caught up with episodes 3&4 of series 2. I am all choked up half the time. Those life stories! An the music! I am not easily moved to tears by television and definitely not by reality TV but there is something about this programme that tugs my heart strings. 

To offset the emotional rollercoaster, I watched the latest Doctor Who episode, which ended on a cliffhanger and a terrifying creature emerging from around the Tardis. Clearly not the right choice to relax.

Then I went to see the Foo Fighters on Monday evening at Hampden stadium. My friend Karen had a spare ticket and offered it to me. I was apprehensive because I am not fond of large crowds and big noise... but it was so much fun! I swear that my wide leg trousers were flapping with the beat. I left my rain coat and my thermal top in the car because unexpectedly, it was T-shirt weather. I didn't put my denim jacket on until 10 pm. I had forgotten just how much time is spent waiting at such big gigs. But once the Foo Fighters got going, they got going. They played just a few minutes short of three hours. I think those aging rockers had a fabulous time, too. Dave Grohl is very engaging with the audience and cracks a good joke. He sang one song with his daughter, which was quite touching. 

I got to bed well after midnight. 

I travelled over to Edinburgh for external examining duties on Tuesday. It felt like a long day after a late night but it probably wasn't. 

Now I have more or less given up but I still have to power through an exam feedback session with my large class at 7 pm, and then go to book group. Home-baking has been promised and I'll make sure to go.

Thanks for visiting 😊


  1. Glad you enjoyed the concert. I know the name, but other than that ...

  2. Just from the photos you posted, Christina, that was quite an energetic group of performers. I have heard the name and now will search them out on YouTube. We went to a show as well this week and heard Gaelic Storm at the local performing arts center. This was an early 🎂 gift for Patrick, admittedly Irish music is not my favorite.

  3. So fun! Glad you enjoyed the concert. It looks as if you were having a wonderful time!

  4. It must have been a great concert. Several of my friends went and said how good it was. I imagine your ears are still ringing.
    Also, just to let you know that I have a new URL for my blog. https://alongthewaywithj.blogspot.com

  5. Sure sure the saying the grass is always greener but YOUR LIFE IN THIS POST IS SO GREEN and I'm jealous. Glad you had a good time.

    P.S. Some people cry in the shower but I do it while I'm watching TV. It's cathartic and should not be discouraged, imo.

  6. Looks like The Foo Fighters put on a great show. Glad you enjoyed the evening.
    I don't think I would react well to that midge. I seem to attract the biting bugs and they make big red itchy marks on me.

  7. I hardly dare say it, but it's already summer holidays here... imagine that,
    and yes, you can imagine it - yes - yours will be there soon too. So with a lot of energy in the last chords...
    The concert looks great. Fun.
    And such a great nightcap film - I mean, I totally relax while watching it - is simply comfortable and puts you in a good mood.
    Kind regards to you.
    Anticipation is so beautiful - isn't it?

  8. Looks like a good concert. Yes I did watch The Piano - very moving. And the person who ‘won’ thoroughly deserved it. Have a relaxing holiday when it finally arrives. X Doris

  9. The concert looks fun, though I know nothing about them. :)

  10. Foo fighters, how brilliant. I went to a rock concert back in March and had a brilliant time. Slash (from Guns N Roses) featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. Loved every minute. Well done on the Himalayan balsam elimination. I haven't watched the Piano, but I will look out for it. CJ xx

  11. Hi, glad you had a good time at the concert. I used to love rock concerts when I was a teen, went all over watching bands now I am like you and the thought of the crowd puts me right off. I have just started getting bit! I do suffer as allergic to the bites but we are in Yorkshire, it seems to get worse towards August for me. Have a great day.

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