peony bliss

Greetings from a sunny Glasgow. Also greetings from a cold, miserable Glasgow. And from a windy, Glasgow. Always windy. All in one day. I may need to start pulling along a wheelie suitcase to have all necessary types of clothing with me when I go out. And maybe a towel to dry myself off. 

I finished writing this post on Sunday, forgot to publish.... 

I bought a bunch of pale pink peonies for our kitchen table. The buds are unfurling slowly, beautiful! The scent is delicate and really rather pleasing. Much better than a bunch of daisies, these always smell a bit like sweaty feet. The peonies last for ages, which is a bonus.

This week at ballet I felt almost elegant for a few brief moments. Our new dance is from Swan Lake. No, not the iconic four swans segments... we are not quite there yet. I am am slowly getting the hang of different elements of a dance or an exercise. I have signed up for summer school, and regular classed during the school holidays. I am proud to say that I have progressed from complete beginner to improver. 

Work this week is a bit difficult. I am dealing with a breach of the Code of Practice on Unacceptable Behaviour, always unpleasant. Also time-consuming and stressful. I am glad we have that Code and other policies, it makes life easier when things go wrong. On a more positive note, my colleague who was sick for some time is back on phased return. I am glad about that but not entirely optimistic it will work out. I also had my final coaching session, which I enjoyed and of which I wish there were more. This completes my Learning & Teaching Leadership course. Of all the CPD courses I have done over the years of my career, this was by far the best. I have grown in confidence and I am more assertive when I need to be. I have started working on some exciting projects that I hope will strengthen a future application to Professor. Not the near future I should say. Just in case anyone gets excited. 

On the note of courses, I have to complete six more repeat HR courses before 31 July, or risk losing work IT access. It is very tempting. What do think? Should I chance it? The courses are of the tedious tick box variety, delivered in the most boring possible manner. All on important topics, which in principle I would love to learn more about and feel confident in applying to work. If only they were a little more engaging. 

Life at home is also a bit difficult, although more predictable. Both teens lose their temper easily and then swear profusely. They are rather creative with name-calling. Richard is less of a target but also attracts his fair share of abuse. Neurodivergence or not, partially diagnosed or suspected, I hope it is not completely unreasonable to insist on socially acceptable behaviours. At least they are back at school and hopefully less bored. 

Today, to conclude a long week, I went for a long walk along the Forth and Clyde canal with one of my oldest friends, all the way to Bowling, where the canal joins the Clyde estuary. It is all flat and very easy but after 8 miles or thereabouts, we welcomed the cake and coffee by the the marina. We took the train back. The walk felt very restorative for my tortured mind. Walking is always good. Walking with a friend is even better.

Surprisingly, both boys are wearing their school uniform without much complaint. They must have had a good talking to at school. Usually, Alistair puts his on for inspection, then sneaks upstairs to get changed into tracksuit bottoms. Every day he thinks I won't notice. He usually pulls off the school tie on the way down the front steps. I've caved in on the school jumper, which should be V-neck but is crew neck. It seems like a forgivable compromise. The school has given up on insisting on plain black shoes, which is a relief. Any trainer that pretends to be black, or has some black parts is now acceptable. They joys of British school uniform traditions!

I must go, the Great British Sewing Bee (on catch-up) is calling. Thanks for visitingšŸ˜Š


  1. The boys do sound like a handful. Our public schools have codes of sorts but don't do uniforms. However, the Catholic schools have uniforms, but they are also publicly funded, which I don't appreciate.

  2. Professor? Sounds like fun. My goal was to be one too, but life got in the way. I did complete my Masters but I was enjoying my mentorship job so much for about ten years that I never got around to my PhD and then I retired. All good. No regrets. Walking? Yes, always sorts things out.

  3. Oh the teenage years! Such a joy ;)
    I'm glad that you also have some nice things to enjoy, and can bring relief to that tortured mind of yours. Xx

  4. Christina, to say that you went for a long walk was definitely an understatement -- 8 miles is one very long walk, even if flat all the way! You both deserved the treat at the end of the walk and taking the train back was a good plan. Hope that the teenagers have some activities planned for when school is out or you could have a long summer.

  5. Beautiful peonies- such a pretty colour. Well done with the ballet classes you seem to be realy enjoying them. A long walk but lovely to do that with a friend. Cake and coffee well deserved.


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